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  • Role of the S-1 ' subsite glutamine 215 in activity and specificity of stromelysin-3 by site-directed mutagenesis BIOCHEMISTRY Holtz, B., Cuniasse, P., Boulay, A., Kannan, R., Mucha, A., Beau, F., BASSET, P., Dive, V. 1999; 38 (37): 12174-12179


    The influence of Gln215 in stromelysin-3 (MMP-11), a residue located in the S1' subsite, was determined by producing three single mutants of this position. As compared to wild-type stromelysin-3, the kinetic parameters K(M) and k(cat) for the degradation of the fluorogenic substrate Dns-Pro-Leu-Ala-Leu-Trp-Ala-Arg-NH(2) (Dns-Leu) by these mutants indicated that the Gln/Leu substitution led to a 4-fold decrease in catalytic efficiency, whereas the mutations Gln/Tyr and Gln/Arg increased this parameter by a factor 10. The cleavage of alpha1-protease inhibitor (alpha1-PI), a natural substrate of stromelysin-3, by these mutants was also determined. Their relative activities for the degradation of alpha1-PI correspond to those observed with the synthetic substrate Dns-Leu. The catalytic efficiency of wild-type stromelysin-3 and its mutants to cleave the P1' analogue of Dns-Leu, containing the unusual amino acid Cys(OMeBn) (Dns-Cys(OMeBn)), was also determined. The values of the specificity factor, calculated as the ratio (k(cat)/K(M))Dns-Cys(OMeBn))/(k(cat)/K(M))Dns-Leu, were observed to vary from 26 for the wild-type stromelysin-3 to 120 for the Gln/Leu mutant and 25 for the Gln/Arg mutant. The Gln/Tyr mutant did not cleave the substrate when its P1' position is substituted by the unusual amino acid Cys(OMeBn). Altogether these observations established that both the catalytic activity and the specificity of stromelysin-3 are dependent on the nature of the residue in position 215. Finally, the cleavage efficiency of the Dns substrates by three representative matrixins, namely, MMP-14 (215 = Leu), MMP-1 (215 = Arg), and MMP-7 (215 = Tyr), was determined. Interestingly, the trends observed for these enzymes were similar to those established for the three mutants of stromelysin-3, pointing out the influence of position 215 toward the selectivity in this family of enzymes.

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