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  • [Macromolecular contrast media for MR mammography. A new approach to characterizing breast tumors]. Der Radiologe Daldrup, H. E., Roberts, T. P., Mühler, A., Gossmann, A., Roberts, H. C., Wendland, M., Rosenau, W., Brasch, R. C. 1997; 37 (9): 733-740


    The value of macromolecular contrast agents (MMCM) for the characterization of benign and malignant breast tumors will be demonstrated in this review. Animal studies suggest a high potential of MMCM to increase the specificity of MR-mammography. The concept of tumor differentiation is based on the pathological hyperpermeability of microvessels in malignant tumors. MMCM show a leak into the interstitium of carcinomas, whereas they are confined to the intravascular space in benign tumors. Capabilities and limitations of the MMCM-prototype. Albumin-Gd-DTPA, for breast tumor characterization will be summarized and compared to the standard low molecular weight contrast agent Gd-DTPA. Initial experience with new MMCM, such as Dendrimers, Gd-DTPA-Polylysine and MS-325 will be outlined. The potential of "blood-pool"-iron oxides, such as AMI-227 for the evaluation of tumor microvascular permeabilities will be discussed.

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