Marion S. Buckwalter

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  • Construction of a 3-Mb contig and partial transcript map of the central region of mouse chromosome 11 GENOMICS WATKINSCHOW, D. E., Douglas, K. R., Buckwalter, M. S., Probst, F. J., Camper, S. A. 1997; 45 (1): 147-157


    We report the establishment of a high-resolution genetic map, a physical map, and a partial transcript map of the Ames dwarf critical region on mouse chromosome 11. A contig of 24 YACs and 13 P1 clones has been assembled and spans approximately 3 Mb from Flt4 to Tcf7. A library of approximately 1000 putative transcript clones from the region was prepared using exon amplification and pituitary cDNA selection. Ten novel transcripts were partially characterized, including a member of the olfactory receptor family, an alpha-tubulin-related sequence, and a novel member of the cdc2/CDC28-like kinase family, Clk4. The location of Prop1, the gene responsible for Ames dwarfism, has been localized within the contig. This contig spans a region of mouse chromosome 11 that exhibits linkage conservation with human chromosome 5q23-q35. The strength of the genetic map and genomic resources for this region suggest that comparative DNA sequencing of this region could reveal the genes responsible for other mouse mutants and human genetic diseases.

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