KatherineĀ Sanborn

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  • Etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of nonepileptic seizures. Current neurology and neuroscience reports Barry, J. J., Sanborn, K. 2001; 1 (4): 381-389


    Psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (NES) can be classified into five categories. This review focuses on NES associated with emotional conflict, by far the most common and important group. Etiology is speculative, but the background histories of these patients are often similar. The presence of a trauma history, depression, post-traumatic stress symptoms, and the use of dissociation plus cognitive dysfunction possibly point to an organic etiology. The presentation of NES in children and adults is discussed, along with the differential diagnosis. The diagnostic differential is lengthy, with epileptic seizures of frontal lobe origin presenting a unique challenge. Diagnostic procedures are reviewed with an emphasis on the utility of hypnosis with seizure induction. Presenting the diagnosis to the patient, the role of the neurologist, and the role of the mental health consultant are reviewed. Issues in the doctor-patient relationship are also addressed, as well as the overall prognosis.

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