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  • Different patterns of TCR transgene expression in single-positive and double-negative T cells - Evidence for separate pathways of T cell maturation JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY Cheng, L. R., DEJBAKHSHJONES, S., Liblau, R., Zeng, D. F., Strober, S. 1996; 156 (10): 3591-3601


    Two lines of transgenic mice were established using the TCR alpha (V alpha 4.4-J alpha 24)- and beta (V beta 9-D beta 1.1-J beta 2.1)-chain genes from a cloned CD4-CD8-alpha beta + (double-negative; DN) T cell line from BALB/c mice. The TCR genes were expressed in CD4+CD8- and CD4-CD8+ (single-positive; SP) and double-positive (DP) T cells in the thymus, and in SP T cells in the peripheral lymphoid tissues, and marrow in one transgenic mouse line, and predominantly in DN T cells in the other. Bone marrow precursor cells from only the DN mouse line generated T cells expressing the V beta 9 transgene during tissue culture. V beta 9+ T cells were found in DN but not SP transgenic mice backcrossed to BALB/c nu/nu mice. The results suggest two separate pathways of T cell maturation, one which generates SP T cells in the thymus, and another which generates DN T cells in both the thymus and bone marrow.

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