Aida Habtezion

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  • Retinoic acid regulates the development of a gut-homing precursor for intestinal dendritic cells. Mucosal immunology Zeng, R., Oderup, C., Yuan, R., Lee, M., Habtezion, A., Hadeiba, H., BUTCHER, E. C. 2013; 6 (4): 847-856


    The vitamin A metabolite retinoic acid (RA) regulates intestinal immune responses through immunomodulatory actions on intestinal dendritic cells (DCs) and lymphocytes. Here, we show that RA also controls the generation of gut-tropic migratory DC precursors, referred to as pre-mucosal DCs (pre-?DCs). Pre-?DCs express the gut trafficking receptor ?4?7 and home preferentially to the intestines. They develop in the bone marrow (BM), can differentiate into CCR9(+) plasmacytoid DCs as well as conventional DCs (cDCs), but preferentially give rise to CD103(+) intestinal cDCs. Generation of pre-?DCs in vivo in the BM or in vitro is regulated by RA and RA receptor ? (RAR?) signaling. The frequency of pre-?DCs is reduced in vitamin A-deficient animals and in animals treated with RAR inhibitors. The results define a novel vitamin A-dependent, RA-regulated developmental sequence for DCs and identify a targeted precursor for CD103(+) cDCs in the gut.Mucosal Immunology advance online publication 12 December 2012; doi:10.1038/mi.2012.123.

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