Hugh Brent Solvason PhD MD

Community and International Work Details

  • Project Title:  Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Sub Saharan Africa
  • Topic/emphasis:  Biological and psychological well-being assessments
  • Partnering Organization(s):  Child Protection Society, Zimbabwe
  • Populations Served:  orphans and vulnerable children
  • Location:  International
  • Specific Location:  Zimbabwe, Namibia
  • This an ongoing project:  Yes
  • There are opportunities for student involvement in work:  Yes
  • Description:  We are doing a pilot study to examine the feasibility of using measures of the stress hormone axis (cortisol) and attachment networks (oxytocin) in saliva along with the Catholic Relief Services well-being scale in institutionalized children in Zimbabwe. The hope is that these biologic measures along with psychological measures will help anticipate the life trajectories for these children. This is in parallel with the development of a neurobiologic model of resilience as an attempt at capturing possible 'endophenotypes' that will help us understand the impact of adversity on the neurodevelopment of vulnerable children.

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