Dolores Gallagher Thompson

Community and International Work Details

  • Project Title:  Skill Training for Family Caregivers
  • Topic/emphasis:  "Train the Trainers" to deliver psychoeducational skill building programs to family caregivers
  • Partnering Organization(s):  Caregiver Resource Centers of CA & San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Alzheimer's Association
  • Populations Served:  Staff and families caring for physically and/or cognitively impaired elder relatives
  • Location:  International
  • This an ongoing project:  Yes
  • There are opportunities for student involvement in work:  Yes
  • Description:  The fact that the baby boomers are soon to be turning 60, and that they will be the caregiving wave of the future (caring for parents, in-laws, and possibly more than one set of each, if multiple marriages occurred) underscores the need for cost-effective programs to help them manage the stress, depression, economic & social impact, and role conflict that typically accompany caregiving for older adults with significant physical and/or cognitive impairments. These organizations have asked for assistance in developing programs to meet these needs and I am providing on-going consultation. In addition, in California, there are large numbers of ethnic and culturally diverse groups who are becoming family caregivers: eg., Asian Americans (Chinese and Japanese, in particular, but also Korean, Hmong & Filipino) and Hispanic/Latino Americans (primarily of Mexican descent but also from South and Central American countries such as El Salvador, Chile, Peru, and from the island of Cuba). The problems they face, and typical coping strategies used, are unique to each cultural group, and reflect their values and beliefs about health, wellness, and familial responsiblities. Our prior research with at least some of these groups is also being used to help inform these organizations which do serve the entire state and need to develop their own culturally sensitive & appropriate programs.

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