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11/20/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Stanford Analyzes Athletes' Concussions
11/19/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Guidelines Recommend Routine HIV Testing
11/17/12 New York Times: When Robotic Surgery Leaves Just a Scratch
11/16/12 NPR: Are We Getting Dumber?
11/13/12 Huffington Post: Arthritis Drug Shows Durability in Trial
11/12/12 Reuters: Cost Becomes Bigger Question In Treating Heart Disease
11/9/12 Times of India: Brain Can Shut Off Old Habits?
11/7/12 MIT Technology Review: Flipping on the Lights to Halt Seizures
11/7/12 Wired Science: This iPhone App Can Read Your Heart
11/6/12 Boing Boing: Stanford Launches Lymphedema Registry Study
11/1/12 Health News Review: Keep Some Healthy Skepticism
10/31/12 Los Angeles Times: Scientists Expand Catalog of Human Genetic Variation
10/31/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Lung Transplant Patients Face Tough Odds
10/31/12 Forbes: Can A Safer Ambien Make Billions?
10/30/12 CNN Health: Know How To Keep Weight Off Before You Lose It
10/29/12 New York Times: With No One Looking Mental Illness In Athletes Can Stay Hidden
10/29/12 NewsTrack India: Simple Mechanism Could Treat Allergies
10/26/12 Wall Street Journal: One Stanford Doctor Wants to Focus on Real Patients, Not iPatients
10/25/12 NBC Bay Area: Hormone Therapy May Help Alzheimer's
10/23/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Study Gives Insight Into Facial Recognition
10/23/12 Health Day: Colonoscopy Screening May Have Cut Colon Cancer Rates
10/20/12 NBC Bay Area: An Alzheimer's Diagnosis In Your 50s
10/19/12 Medical XPress: Research Group Finds Blood Transfusions From Young Mice to Old Improves Brain Function
10/18/12 CBS 5: Stanford Offering Free Oral Cancer Screening
10/18/12 KGO ABC 7: NFL Will Soon Measure Hits With Sensors
10/17/12 CBS 5: Jefferson Award Winning Sisters Embody Benefits of Organ Donation
10/16/12 Health Day: Brain Recovery From Alcoholism Seen Soon After Abstinence
10/11/12 New York Times: Reaching 90 With Only Three Prescriptions
Fall 2012 A Woman's Health: Hereditary Illness
10/10/12 Health Day: Science Reveals Secrets of Hypnosis
10/10/12 San Jose Mercury News: Stanford Professor One of Two U.S. Scientists To Win Nobel Chemistry Prize
10/10/12 Journal Gazette: Foundation Head Leaves For Stanford
10/10/12 New York Times: Two American Scientists Win Nobel Prize In Chemistry
10/9/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Sleep Loss Links To Illness Studied
10/8/12 Health Day: Differences Seen In Lung Microbes Of Cystic Fibrosis Patients
10/7/12 San Jose Mercury News: Breast Cancer: Weigh Benefits, Side Effects Drug
10/4/12 The Stanford Daily: Flu Crew Offers Vaccinations Earlier, In New Locations
10/2/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Bay Area Health Research Roundup
10/1/12 GEN: Protein Block Re-Energizes Aging Immune System
10/1/12 US News: Might Smallpox Virus Help Fight A Lethal Breast Cancer?
10/1/12 Los Angeles Times: Could Hypnosis Help You? Yes, If You Have The Brain For It
9/30/12 US News: Researchers Tackle Age-Related Decline In Immune Response
9/26/12 Longtime IU Cancer Researcher Leaving To Head Stanford Division
9/25/12 NPR: Doctors Sift Through Patients' Genome To Solve Medical Mysteries
9/24/12 US News: Should You Get Your Genome Mapped?
9/21/12 San Francisco Business Times: Stanford Wins Over East Bay Cardiology Group
9/20/12 Reuters: Study Challenges Abdominal Artery Screenings
9/20/12 San Francisco Chronicle: How The Tabby Got Its Stripes: Its In The Genes
9/19/12 NPR: Scientists See Upside and Downside of Sequencing Their Own Genes
9/18/12 US News: Hidden Risks of Chronic Stress
9/17/12 Memory vs. Math: Same Brain Areas Show Inverse Responses To Recall and Arithmetic
9/14/12 Pain Can Dictate Early Retirement
9/12/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Stanford: Sleep Professor Has Dream Job
9/11/12 New York Times: Buying Organic Is A Personal Choice
9/10/12 Los Angeles Times: Doctors Still Trying To Diagnose Mysteries of Hantavirus
9/10/12 Daily Mail: Always Ill? It's Not Vitamin C You Need, But A Dose of Stress
9/10/12 San Francisco Chronicle: 7 Scientists Win Prestigious Lasker Medical Awards
9/9/12 Palo Alto Patch: Stanford Awarded Eight Grants For Stem Cell Studies
9/5/12 US News: Advances Against Chronic Pain
9/8/12 New York Times: More Choice, and More Confusion, in Quest for Healthy Eating
9/4/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Apnea Steals Sleep From The Restless
9/4/12 ABC Science: Brain 'Switches Between Maths and Memory'
9/3/12 San Jose Mercury News: Health Experts Weigh In On Hantavirus
9/3/12 New York Times: Stanford Scientists Cast Doubt On Advantages Of Organic Meat and Produce
8/29/12 Reuters: Dry Eye Risk Similar After Laser Vision Surgeries
8/29/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Macular Degeneration A Growing Problem
8/28/12 ABC News: Should More Heart Patients Get Stents? Study Says Yes
8/28/12 San Francisco Chroncile: Heart Study Favors Stent-Drug Combo
8/27/12 The Dallas Morning News: What Triggers Sleepwalking Episodes
8/26/12 The Washington Times: Laugh Out Loud For Less Stress, Better Bonding
8/24/12 San Francisco Business Times: Hospitals Make Headway On Massive Rebuild Projects
8/22/12 San Francisco Business Times: Stanford Hospital Buys CareCounsel Health Advocacy Specialist
8/22/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Prescription For Obesity
8/20/12 WebMD: Gout Linked To Low Levels of Lead
8/17/12 Plastics Today: New Recycling Test Focuses On Stanford Medical Center
8/15/12 New Scientist: Holding On To Faulty Protein Delays Brain Degeneration
8/15/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Active-Surveillance Protocol For Tumors
8/15/12 San Jose Business Journal: Stanford Researchers Win Cancer Grants
8/14/12 NBC Bay Area: Child Antibiotics Lead To Obesity: Study
8/13/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Injectable Aline Aims To Smooth Wrinkles
8/9/12 San Jose Mercury News: Magazine Names Four Hospitals In Silicon Valley In 'Best' List
8/8/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Companies Take A Stand Against Sitting
8/8/12 NBC Bay Area: Obesity in Pregnant Women on the Rise
8/7/12 San Francisco Business Times: Stanford Researchers Launch Brain Cancer Study Using Nektar Drug
8/6/12 California Watch: Minorities Hit Hardest By Hospital Overcrowding, Study Finds
8/6/12 The New York Times: Transplant Center Struggle With Donors' Obesity
8/6/12 Forbes: Hydrochlorothiazide and Nifedipine Linked To Increased Incidence Of Lip Cancer
8/3/12 The Washington Post: Substance Implicated In Alzheimer's Might Help Combat Multiple Sclerosis
8/2/12 Bloomberg News: Merck's Novel Approach To A New Sleeping Pill
8/1/12 Do You Have Skinny Genes?
8/1/12 WebMD: Sleep Helps Vaccines Work: Study
7/26/12 KQED: A Cure for Food Allergies?
7/26/12 San Francisco Chronicle: $100 Million OKd for Stem Cell Research
7/24/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Stanford Researchers Sequence Sperm
7/20/12 New York Times: In First, Software Emulates Lifespan of Entire Organism
7/19/12 GenNews: Absolute Gene Expressing Profiling
7/18/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Genes May Affect Painkiller Side Effects
7/17/12 KQED: Drug For HIV-Negative People Raises Questions
7/16/12 Fierce Biotech IT: Stanford Rides Big Data Wave In Medical Research
7/13/12 New York Times: The Workplace Benefits of Being Out of Touch
7/13/12 MedPage Today: Lab Notes: How To Banish The Blues
7/13/12 Time: The Prescription Painkiller Experience
7/12/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Extreme Distance Running: Too Much Of A Good Thing?
7/11/12 NBC Bay Area: Prescription Drugs Cause Obesity
7/11/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Erectile Dysfunction Usually Has Physical Cause
7/10/12 ABC News: Fake Sweeteners Might Help Keep Pounds Off
7/9/12 The Daily Beast: Is The Web Driving Us Mad?
7/5/12 Quest: Hepatitis C: The Silent Epidemic
7/5/12 San Francisco Chronicle: 100 Trillion Good Bacteria Call Human Body Home
7/5/12 Wired Science: New Videogame Lets Amateur Researchers Mess With RNA
7/4/12 Wall Street Journal: Mother's Blood Shows Birth Defects In Fetal DNA
7/4/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Short-Term Stress May Boost Immune Response
7/1/12 Scientific American: Allergies May Be Good For You
6/30/12 Los Angeles Times: Shining A Light On Sunscreen Guidelines
6/28/12 The Atlanta Voice: IBS, As Many As 1 In 7 Have It, But Few Speak Of It
6/28/12 San Jose Mercury News: Better Breathing Can Mean Better Health
6/28/12 Scope Blog: Stanford Experts Respond To Supreme Court's Decision On Health Law
6/27/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Respect, No Money, Found Key To Happiness
6/23/12 Los Angeles Times: App Promises To Direct Dreams
6/22/12 ABC News: Stress Is Healthy?
6/21/12 ABC News: Pro Athletes Turn To Controversial Blood Injections For Chronic Pain Relief
6/21/12 San Francisco Chronicle: After Gruesome Injury, McLain Leaps For Olympics
6/20/12 Chicago Tribune: Less-Invasive Weight Loss Surgery Safer
6/20/12 7 Years After Bariatric Surgery, Heart Risk Lowered
6/20/12 Medical Daily: Stanford Expert Discusses Soda Ban and Obesity in America
6/20/12 MSNBC Vitals Blog: Response To Painkillers May Be Linked To Genetics
6/20/12 Sleepwalking Study Strides Toward Clarity
6/20/12 San Jose Mercury News: Much Ado About Summer
6/19/12 EmaxHealth: Is Laproscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery The Way To Go?
6/18/12 Stanford Nurses Bask In Honor Of Second Magnet Designation
6/14/12 San Francisco Chronicle: How Traveler Can Maintain Healthy Eating Habits
6/14/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Do You Need Less Sleep When You Get Older?
6/13/12 New York Times: In Good Health? Thank Your 100 Trillion Bacteria
6/13/12 Palo Alto Online: Robert Glaser, Former Stanford Medicine Dean, Dies at 93
6/13/12 Medical Daily: Getting To The Heart Of Erectile Dysfunction
6/13/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Alzheimber's Gene Found To Affect Women Over Men
6/13/12 NPR: Identifying The Real Culprit Behind Killer Vascular Diseases
6/6/12 Bloomberg Businessweek: Fatty Acids In Brain May Help Multiple Sclerosis Patients
6/6/12 US News: New Drug Effective For Rare Genetic Skin Cancer
6/5/12 Time: Soy Doesn't Boost Memory In Older Women
6/4/12 USA Today: Pediatrics Could Be Model For Adult Cancer Treatment
6/2/12 New York Times: A Geneticist's Research Turns Personal
5/29/12 Doctors Lounge: AHA Recommends More Safeguards For Genetic Testing
5/29/12 Los Angeles Times: Aspirin May Protect Against Skin Cancer
5/26/12 Star Tribune: Got Heartburn? Don't Ignore It
5/25/12 San Jose Mercury News: Stanford Hospital Honors Military Vets
5/24/12 HIV-Positive Mortality Rates Decreasing In ICU
5/24/12 US News: Severely Obese Have More Complications With Spinal Surgery
5/24/12 San Francisco Business Times: CIRM Awards $69M In Stem Cell Research Grants
5/23/12 Los Altos Town Crier: Diet Modifications Can Raise Resistance To Skin Cancer
5/22/12 The Stanford Daily: Researchers Identify Gene Predicting Smoking Behavior
5/22/12 BBC News: Rewritable DNA Memory Shown Off
5/21/12 The Stanford Daily: New Hospital To Model Future Care
5/21/12 The Stanford Daily: Surgery Is Basic Care, Wren Says
5/17/12 Live Science: The Real Facts On Sleepwalking
5/16/12 Huffington Post: Solar-Powered Implants Could Help The Blind
5/16/12 Medical News Today: AIDS Relief Program Intensity Linked To Lower Death Rates
5/15/12 Denver Post: Lung Cancer Diagnosis Among Nonsmokers Is On The Rise
5/15/12 Fox News: Sleepwalking Rates In US Much Higher Than Expected
5/14/12 The Stanford Daily: Compound Aids Stroke Recovery
5/13/12 US News: In Rat Study, Eye Device Shows Promise For Restoring Sight
5/12/12 Los Angeles Times: Zeo Sleep Manager, Sleep Tracker
5/11/12 Curry Coastal Pilot: Brookings Woman Breathing Easier With New Lungs
May/June 2012 Stanford Magazine: Something Doesn't Add Up
5/9/12 Minnesota Public Radio: Social Factors Greatest Indicators of Early Death
5/9/12 Los Altos Town Crier: Travel-Medicine Resources A Prognosis For Safety
5/8/12 Palo Alto Online: Silicon Valley Cash To Fund Stanford Hospital
5/8/12 San Jose Mercury News: Stanford Hospital Launches $1 Billion Campaign
5/7/12 San Jose Mercury News: The Healing Arts
5/3/12 The Stanford Daily: Preventing Mental Health Crises
5/2/12 Fresno Bee: Calling Time Out On Work Interruptions
5/2/12 Chicago Tribune: Consuming Fruits, Vegetables Cuts Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
4/30/12 US News & World Report: You May Be Fat And Not Even Know It
4/30/12 Wall Street Journal Well Blog: Should Young Athletes Be Screened For Heart Risk?
4/30/12 The New York Times: Football Knee Injuries More Likely On Artificial Turf
4/28/12 San Jose Mercury News: Got Heartburn? Don't Ignore It
4/27/12 Redwood City Patch: Got Drugs? Give 'Em Back On Saturday
4/26/12 Huffington Post: Nervous People More Likely To Develop Skin Cancer
4/25/12 The Stanford Daily: Catching Up On Sleep
4/25/12 San Jose Mercury News: Andrew Luck Is Big On Brawn, Even Bigger On Brain
4/25/12 Fox News: Compound May Be Able To Reverse Stroke Damage
4/25/12 The Stanford Daily: Smartphone Device Scans For Oral Cancer
4/23/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Stanford Web Tool Helps Patients Weigh Cancer Risk
4/20/12 Reuters: Cancer Screening Feeds Overdiagnosis Debate
4/19/12 AZ Cure For Hearing Loss On Horizon
4/18/12 San Jose Mercury News: Prepare To Sneeze
4/18/12 Los Angeles Times: California To Test HIV-Prevention Pill
4/18/12 HealthImaging: Reimbursements Spur Quality Measurement
4/17/12 Scientific American: Socioeconomic Factors Trump Race and Geography For Odds Of Living To Old Age
4/17/12 US News & World Report: HIV Prevention Pill Cost-Effective For High-Risk Men
4/16/12 Wall Street Journal: All The World Isn't A Stage, But Some Med Classes Are
4/15/12 GizMag: Gold Nanoparticles Paint A Precise Picture Of Brain Tumors Before And During Surgery
4/13/12 The Scientist: Huntington's Disease Protects From Cancer?
4/13/12 Stanford School of Medicine: 1:2:1 Podcast Mike Snyder Under His Own Microscope
4/12/12 GenomeWeb: Stanford Group Publishes Fluidigm-Based Method For Gene Expression Profiling Of Single Stem Cells
4/12/12 Oncology Nurse Advisor: Heart Risks Of Cancer Drugs Underestimated
4/12/12 National Post: Living Well Beyond Cancer Program 'Life Changing' For Participants
4/11/12 Healthcare IT News: Game Helps Docs Fight Deadly Infection
4/10/12 Forbes: Brain Scientists Tackle Possible Biological Basis for Gender Leadership Gap
4/9/12 Medical Hypnosis: You Are Getting Very Healthy
4/9/12 The Vancouver Sun: The Gender Divide: How To Remove The Glass Ceiling
4/9/12 Wall Street Journal: Same Room, Different Ailments
4/9/12 Stanford Daily: Caffeine Rush
4/7/12 The Economist: Be Nice To Mice
4/6/12 ABC News: Why Hospitals Should Treat You Like A Kid
4/4/12 Discover Magazine: Stickleback Genome Reveals Detail of Evolution's Repeated Experiment
4/4/12 Technology Review: First Bedside Genetic Test Could Prevent Heart Complications
4/3/12 MedPage Today: Basic Science Improving MS Care
4/3/12 San Francisco Chronicle: 10 Ways To Sleep Better
4/3/12 DotMed News: CT Scan Radiation Risk Low
4/2/12 Becker's Hospital Review: Q&A With CEO Amir Dan Rubin
4/2/12 KGO: Keeping Chilly Lab Mice Warm
3/30/12 US News: Acid Reflux Relief - Without A Pill
3/29/12 Huffington Post: A Threat To Health And Safety
3/29/12 TechCrunch: The Cloud Will Cure Cancer
3/29/12 India West: Stanford's 911-Like Training Expands To 14 Indian States
3/29/12 MedCity News: Basketball's Influence On Stem Cell Treatments In Sports Medicine
3/29/12 Time: The Racial Politics of Asthma
3/28/12 Minnesota Public Radio: The Lost Art of Medical Diagnosis
3/27/12 Scientific American: How To Use Light To Control The Brain
3/27/12 NPR: Mythbuster Ioannidis: Are Medical Conferences Really Useful?
3/27/12 San Jose Mercury News: Bitten By A Rattlesnake? Get Thee To An E.R., Stat
3/26/12 Wall Street Journal: Lowering The Volume Of A Sneeze
3/26/12 Science Magazine: One Drug To Shrink All Tumors
3/24/12 Palo Alto Weekly: New Stanford Center Treats Complex Diseases
3/24/12 Huffington Post: Math Anxiety Linked With Differences In Brain Functioning
3/21/12 NPR Shots Blog: High Altitude Got You Down? Try Ibuprofen
3/19/12 New York Times Well Blog: Really? Carrying A Cold Bottle Aids Exercise
3/19/12 Wall Street Journal: Help In The Wilderness
3/19/12 San Jose Mercury News: Kidney Transplant Patients Seek Life Without Drugs
3/19/12 Gen News: Structurally Modified IL-2 Demonstrates Antitumor Activity
3/19/12 San Jose Mercury News: Stanford Federal Credit Union To Donate $2 Million For Hospital Expansion
3/19/12 BusinessWeek: California's Stem Cell Agency Ponders Its Future
3/19/12 Wired Science: Geneticist Runs Personalized Medicine Superstudy On Himself
3/16/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Stanford Gene Researchers See Diabetes Develop
3/16/12 Los Angeles Times: Geneticist's 'Personalized Medicine' Study Focuses On Himself
3/15/12 Medical News Today: AIDS Drug Combo Recommended By WHO Comes Under Fire
3/14/12 Nature: Drug Data Reveal Sneaky Side Effects
3/14/12 CBS: Cool Palms During Workout May Lead To A Smaller Waistline, Study Shows
3/14/12 Vail Daily: Medical Gathering Focuses On Tissue Healing
3/14/12 NPR: Chill Out For A Better Workout
3/14/12 Help Light Up A Friend's Life
3/12/12 The Mancunion: A Viable Alternative To Stem Cells
3/12/12 NPR: Gain Together, Lose Together: The Weight-Loss 'Halo' Effect
3/11/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Debate Grows Over Colorectal Cancer Screenings
3/9/12 Stanford Researchers Develop Immune-System Sensor To Count White Blood Cells
3/8/12 Daily RX: Molecular Way To Control Pancreatic Cancer
3/7/12 New York Times: Cost of Gene Sequencing Falls, Raising Hopes For Medical Advances
3/6/12 Chicago Tribune: Hormone Replacement Therapy Questions Continue
3/6/12 Forbes: Medicine In 2012-You, The iPatient, And Your Doctor
3/6/12 The Stanford Daily: Sleep And Dreams Lecturer Finds Caffeine Disrupts Sleep of "Morning People"
3/6/12 Science Codex: Stanford Scientists Develop Gene Therapy Approach To Grow Blood Vessels In Ischemic Limbs
3/5/12 San Jose Mercury News: Growing Number of Adults Diagnosed with ADHD
3/5/12 The Economist: Sleep Apnea; Take A Deep Breath
3/5/12 The Stanford Daily: Researchers Celebrate Trial's Lasting Success
3/5/12 San Jose Mercury News: High-Cost Patients Across The Bay Area Get Closer Care To Keep Them Out of Hospitals
3/5/12 The Stanford Daily: New Drug Gives Hope To Blood Cancer Patients
3/5/12 Leapfrog Announces 2011 Top Hospital Designations
3/3/12 The Washington Post: Lab-Engineered Bird Flu Virus Less Deadly Than Thought
3/3/12 Stanford Hospital Project Begins
3/1/12 KQED: Hospital, Heal Thy High-Carbon Self
3/1/12 Clinical Psychiatry News: Recycle To Reduce Drug Overdoses
2/29/12 Modern Medicine: Link Between Prostate Size, Cancer Severity Debate
2/28/12 The Stanford Daily: Stanford Scientists Model Hepatitis C Treatment Options
2/27/12 Palo Alto Online: Stanford Team Creates System To Recoup Unused Drugs
2/27/12 American News Report: Promising Drug To Treat Fibromyalgia May Never Be Approved By FDA
2/26/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Cancer Survivor Programs Taking Root
2/25/12 Supplements May Help Skin Of Smokers
2/24/12 Palo Alto Weekly: Artist, Surgeon Team Up To Illustrate Medical Techniques
2/22/12 The Mercury News: Bay Area Company's Obesity Drugs Fight for FDA Approval
2/22/12 The Baltimore Sun: Survey Finds Integrative Medicine Most Useful for Pain
2/22/12 Forbes: Stem Cell Burgers Coming This Fall
2/21/12 Daily Rx: Stanford Computer Predicts Cancer Molecule
2/21/12 Portland Press Herald: Baby Boomers Most At Risk Of Death From Hepatitis C
2/19/12 San Jose Mercury News: The Cost of Dying: Lessons Learned
2/18/12 San Jose Mercury News: 'Love is a Work of Art' for Stanford Hospital & Clinics
2/16/12 MedCity News: New Game Uses Tetris Skills To Improve Sepsis Treatment
2/16/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Seizure Patients Could Get New Help, Study Says
2/14/12 Scientific American: Love and Pain, Stanford Scientists Will Answer Your Questions
2/14/12 Palo Alto Online: Goodwill Knitting
2/12/12 Univision: Stanford Women's Heart Health Center
2/10/12 SLAC, Stanford Team Focuses On High-Energy Electrons To Treat Cancer
2/7/12 KTVU: Hormone-Based Diets Find Supporters Despite FDA Warnings
2/7/12 Healthcare Informatics: Leveraging The EMR For Clinical Science
2/7/12 The Stanford Daily: From Farm To Fork: Creating A Food Movement At Stanford
2/6/12 KQED: Where Eye Care Is A Luxury, Technology Offers Access
2/6/12 Scientific American: Anthrax Toxicity Depends On Human Genetics
2/6/12 Am I Human, Or Am I A Lab Rat?
2/6/12 San Jose Mercury News: Young Doctors Flock Toward New Specialty In End-Of-Life Care
2/5/12 Huffington Post: Cut Calories for Weight Loss
2/5/12 San Jose Mercury News: The Cost of Dying
2/3/12 KQED: The Trouble with Sugar
2/2/12 San Francisco Chronicle: UCSF Scientists Declare War on Sugar in Food
2/2/12 The Stanford Daily: Stanford Cancer Institute Opens Up New Survivorship Clinic
1/31/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Genentech Drug to Fight Common Skin Cancer Gets OK
1/31/12 The Stanford Daily: Harrington Named New Chair of Stanford's Department of Medicine
1/31/12 MedicalNewsToday: Scientists Transform Skin Cells Direct to Brain Cells
1/31/12 San Jose Mercury News: Stanford Summer-Camp Researchers Reunite
1/30/12 The Stanford Daily: Research Examines Tobacco Ads
1/30/12 The Stanford Daily: Stanford Hospital Enters NorCal Medical Alliance
1/25/12 MedGadget: Stanford Partners with FDA to Improve Pre-Market Approval Process
1/24/12 California Healthline: Stanford Linking Up with Medical Groups for Not-for-Profit Alliance
1/23/12 KQED Forum: Pain and Gender
1/23/12 San Jose Mercury News: Stanford Study Shows Women Report More Intense Pain Then Men
1/23/12 San Francisco Business Times: Stanford Hospital Names Margaret Vosburgh to Fill Vacant COO Slot
1/23/12 The Stanford Daily: Algorithm Maps Cancer Trajectory
1/22/12 San Jose Mercury News: Rates of Preventable Infections Vary at Bay Area Hospitals, State Data Show
1/19/12 Health Day: Kidney Failure Patient Prone to GI Tract Bleeding
1/19/12 Columbus Dispatch: Doctors: Time to Address Long-Term Pain Epidemic
1/19/12 Milford Daily News: What Experts Recommend For A Good Night's Sleep
1/17/12 Wall Street Journal: A Gut Check for Many Ailments
1/17/12 The Stanford Daily: Tackling the Cancer Center: Feature on Douglas Blayney
1/17/12 The Stanford Daily: Health Insurance Exhibits No Effects For Diabetics In Developing Countries
1/16/12 San Francisco Chronicle: Clearlake No. 2 in State for Risky Stroke Surgery
1/16/12 Scientific American: Epigenetics: A Turning Point in Our Understanding of Heredity
1/16/12 Los Angeles Times: In-Your-Face Fitness: Go Ahead, Run Into Old Age
1/11/12 Business Week: Treatment of Troops' War Wounds Targeted by U.S. Medical Schools
1/10/12 Reuters: Insight: New DNA Reader To Bring Promise
1/10/12 Stanford Daily: Research Links Protein Complex With Pancreatic Cancer
1/8/12 The Today Show: 'Willpower' Is Key To Keep New Year Resolutions
1/6/12 Nature Medicine: An Act Of Tolerance
1/6/12 New York Times: You Say You Made A Resolution
1/6/12 Reuters: New Heart Rhythm Fix Sometimes Short-Lived
1/3/12 ABC 7 Live: Is Using Sunscreen Bad For You?
1/3/12 ABC News: How Much Protein Helps With Weight Loss?
1/2/12 San Jose Mercury News: Building Longevity

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