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12/29/11 TouchPad Enables Doctors to Control MRI Scanners
12/23/11 US News: Many VA Patients Would Share Health Records
12/18/11 San Jose Mercury News: Hospital Workers Don't Always Get Flu Shots
12/13/11 USA Today: Try Alternative Remedies If Heartburn Hits During Holidays
12/13/11 Oncology Nurse Advisor: High Rate Of Leukemia In Elderly May Be Due To Stem Cell Aging
12/1211 Stanford Medicine Magazine: Make Your Own Cancer Diagnostic Test
12/8/11 San Francisco Chronicle: Fast-Food Toy Ban No Aid To Nutrition, Study Says
12/7/11 US News: How The Brain Interprets Pain And How To Get Relief
12/6/11 MedIndia: Hope For Treating Chronic Kidney Disease Via Regeneration Of Specialized Cells
12/5/11 NBC Nightly News: Stanford Hopes To Reduce Concussions
12/5/11 San Francisco Chronicle: Stanford, UCSF To Test Ultrasound For Cancer Pain
12/1/11 Modern Medicine: Researchers Meet Milestone In Developing Epidermolysis Bullosa Gene Therapy
11/28/11 Medical Sensors in Biomedical Electronics, Part 1: The Eye and Ear
11/27/11 BBC: Brain Find Sheds Light on Autism
11/25/11 The Star: Alcohol Has Dizzyingly Different Effects on Women and Men
11/18/11 eCancerMedicalScience: Ovarian Cancer 'Not Detectable' In Blood for Years
11/17/11 The Atlantic: A New Way To Treat Osteoarthritis?
11/16/11 New York Times WellBlog: The Right Reasons to Stretch Before Exercise
11/16/11 San Francisco Chronicle: High-Resolution CT Scans Having Costly Follow-Ups
11/15/11 ComputerWorld: New Computer Can Diagnose Breast Cancer Better Than Doctors
11/15/11 Reuters: Brain Scan Study Finds Evidence of "Chemo Brain"
11/15/11 Wall Street Journal: Rewiring the Brain to Ease Pain
11/8/11 KCBS Radio: Innovative Stanford Football Mouthpieces Measure Force of Tackles
11/6/11 San Jose Mercury News: New Stanford Study: Arthritis Results From Inflammation, Not Just Wear And Tear
11/3/11 NBC 11: Stanford Hospital First With New Aneurysm Treatment
11/3/11 Los Angeles Times: Dyslexia Not Related To Intelligence, Study Finds
11/2/11 Huffington Post: 17 Proven Tips For Insomnia
11/2/11 Palo Alto Online: Hospitals, Blue Cross Make A Deal
11/1/11 Wall Street Journal: Study Weakens Case for Preventive Mastectomy
11/1/11 California Healthline: Stanford Adverse Event Initiative Saves $3.2M In Annual Liability Costs
10/28/11 San Francisco Business Times: Hospital Projects Hit Milestones
10/27/11 HealthLeaders: Physician Checklist Zaps Wasteful Spending
10/26/11 Times-Standard: Prominent Humboldt Doctors to Lead Stanford Clinic
10/25/11 Examiner: Abraham Verghese Lectures in Houston
10/25/11 US News: Aging Brain's Decline May Hinge On A Gene
10/24/11 Palo Alto Patch: Why Santa Cruz County Depends On Trauma Centers Like Stanford's
10/19/11 The Scientist: How Longevity Is Passed On
10/19/11 San Francisco Chronicle: Survivor Helps Others Cope with Cancer
10/19/11 KQED: Cancer Screening Controversy
10/19/11 The Stanford Daily: Three School of Med Professors Elected to Institute of Medicine
10/18/11 MetropolisMag: Bedside Manner 101
10/18/11 New York Times WellBlog: Living Longer Than Predicted
10/18/11 Stanford Daily: Med School Identifies Formula For Success of Cancer Treatment
10/17/11 New York Times: Patterns: Gastric Bypass Surgery's Ripple Effect
10/17/11 ABC 7: Study Finds Unexpected Side Effects of Bypass Surgery
10/13/11 The Stanford Daily: Researchers Find New Pathway for Diabetes Treatment
10/13/11 The Stanford Daily: The Things I Will Remember Most
10/11/11 Medical Daily: Lack of Sleep, Light at Night Can Raise Cancer Risk?
10/11/11 The Stanford Daily: New Technique Explores Role of RNA
10/10/11 CBS News: Tanning Beds To Be Off-Limits to California Teens
10/10/11 The Stanford Daily: Researchers Achieve First 'Fundamentally Different' Tissue Transformation
10/8/11 San Francisco Chronicle: Prostate Cancer Test Advice Creates Confusion
10/7/11 The Stanford Daily: Stanford Football Joins Med School Study
10/6/11 San Francisco Chronicle: Kidney Recipients Off Antirejection Drugs
10/6/11 The Stanford Daily: Hospital Expands Brain Tumor Center
10/6/11 The Stanford Daily: New Stanford Math Formula Predicts Success of Cancer Therapy
10/4/11 Wall Street Journal: Healthy Diet May Cut Risk of Birth Defects
10/3/11 New York Times: Patterns: Risks For Preemies Resurface Years Later
10/2/11 Doctors, Listen To Your Patients
9/29/11 VisionSystems: Imaging The Brain Predicts The Pain
9/28/11 R&DMagazine: SLAC Invention Measures Stroke Damage In The Brain
9/28/11 HealthCanal: fMRIs Show That Dyslexia Isn't A Matter of IQ
9/27/11 San Jose Mercury: Social Issues May Spur Greater Move Toward Healthy Eating
9/27/11 CBS News: Fatherhood Protects Men's Hearts, Study Suggests
9/27/11 Why Fathers Are Less Likely to Die of Heart Disease
9/26/11 The New York Times: Fighting Cervical Cancer With Vinegar and Ingenuity
9/26/11 The Stanford Daily: Researchers Develop Light-Responsive Heart Cells
9/23/11 Palo Alto Weekly: New Stanford Brain-Tumor Center Opens
9/23/11 Ivanhoe: Ovarian Cancer Breakthrough
9/22/11 US News: Death Rates Higher in Minorities With Acute Leukemia
9/21/11 The Atlantic: A New, Objective Way to Study Pain
9/21/11 San Francisco Chronicle: Paralyzed Patient in Major Geron Stem Cell Study
9/21/11 Reuters: Preemies May Face Higher Death Rates As Adults
9/20/11 San Francisco Chronicle: Need Help with Health? There's An App for That
9/20/11 Scientific American: One Injection Makes You Older
9/19/11 Doctors Lounge: Lineage-Restricted Stem Cells Regenerate in Mice


MedGadget: Medicine 2.0 Congress at Stanford


Technology Review: Mining Data for Better Medicine


MedGadget: A Visit to Stanford's Center for Simulation-based Learning


San Jose Mercury: iPhone App Can't Stress Calm Enough


San Jose Mercury: Hospital Honor Patients' Expired Health Plans

9/16/11 Doctor Joins Reserves

9/16/11 Family of Four Has its Genome Sequenced


San Francisco Chronicle: C-Section Not Necessarily End to Vaginal Delivery


New York Times: Feeling Pain? The Computer Can Tell


New York Times: Medical Students Neglecting Gay Health Needs


San Francisco Chronicle: Chemo Impacts Female Fertility More Than Thought

9/12/11 Regional Facility EDs Honored by 1st Lantern Awards

Autumn 2011

Gentry Health Magazine: High Tech, High Touch


Peninsula Press: New Documentary Starring Cystic Fibrosis Twins Qualifies for Oscar


Technology Review: Growing Heart Cells Just for You


San Jose Mercury News: Stanford Health Care Workers to Receive 7.5 Percent Pay Bump Under New Contract


ScienceNews: Bypass's Big Boon


Los Angeles Times: Exercise Counteracts Aging Effects


The Scientist: Blood's Role in the Aging Brain


San Francisco Business Times: Stanford Hospital and 12 Other Top Hospitals Win Kudos for LGBT Equality

8/31/11 Insomnia Costs U.S. $63 Billion Annually in Lost Productivity


NPR: A Remnant from Algae in Malaria Parasite May Prove its Weakness


San Jose Mercury News: Stanford Team Invents Stitch-free Method to Join Blood Vessels


Popular Science: New Gel Repairs Blood Vessels Better Than Stitches


SF Gate: Stanford Blood Center Offers Free Career Counseling to Donors


HealthDay: Specialized Adult Stem Cells Re-Grow Fingertips


USA Today: Brain-Training Games are New Exercise Craze


Times of India: Defect Triggering Epilepsy Identified


WebMD: New Drug Shows Promise in Ovarian Cancer


Palo Alto Weekly: Medical Breakthrough Gives Resident Back His Life


New York Times: A Surge of Sleeplessness in China Appears to Have Been Caused by Flu


Palo Alto Online: First Person: A Conversation With Dr. Mehadevan


InForum: Psychiatrist Worried About How Online Life Affects Us Offline


CafeMom: When We as Parents Need Our Own Sleep Training


Washington Monthly: Addiction and Responsibility


SAGA: Skip That Nightcap


CNNHealth: Blaming Others Can Ruin Your Health


NewScientist: Antibody Cocktail Promises Safer Stem Cell Therapy


Portland Tribune: The Pain is All in Your Head


The Stanford Daily: Study Finds Mechanisms Involved in Parkinson's Disease


MSNBC: New Leukemia Treatment Exceeds 'Wildest Expectations'


US News: Regular Exercise Helps Keep Leg Arteries Clear


San Francisco Chronicle: Stanford Researchers Issue Heart Test Guidelines

8/9/11 Taking the "Sting" Out of Jellyfish


Voice of America: Natural Protein Could Reduce Brain Damage Caused by Stroke


San Francisco Chronicle: Alternative Sleep Apnea Treatments Get OK to Test


Times of India: Sedentary Lifestyle Ups Arterial Disease Risk

8/5/11 Knee and Hip Replaceements: What You Need to Know


San Francisco Chronicle: Stanford Researchers: Drugs May Starve Cancer Cells


Health News: Common Vein Problem Raises Clot Risk on the Pill


Health Care Communication: Preparedness and Social Media are Changing Disaster Response


San Francisco Business Times: Stanford Studies Perfect Golf Swing


San Francisco Chronicle: Those With Migraines May Get Fresh Aid at Stanford
7/29/11 US News: Blood Pressure Drop During Dialysis May Raise Clot Risk


NBC Bay Area: Headache Clinic Opening at Stanford


Palo Alto Online: Stanford Forms Emergency Medical Response Team


LA Times: Fragmented Sleep May Impair Memory, Learning
7/26/11 Daily Mail Online: Stroke Victims Given New Hope With Discovery of Protein


USA Today: Interrupting Sleep Keeps Us From Making Memories
7/25/11 Information Week: Doctor-Patient Conversation Not Just for the Office


TechCrunch: Healthcare Disruption: Providers Will Use Health Tech to Differentiate and Produce Better Outcomes

7/25/11 Lifelong Friends Make Life Longer


Palo Alto Weekly: Headache Clinic to Open at Stanford
7/21/11 Internal Medicine News: Recommended First-Line HIV Treatment Regimen Found Inferior


FierceEMR: Hospital Execs Worried About HER Transition Costs
7/21/11 Stanford Daily: Med School Takes Collaborative Approach to Pain Management
7/20/11 Sun Herald: National Expert to Lead New Stanford Headache Clinic


NBC Bay Area: UCSF, Stanford Top National Hospital List
7/15/11 USA Today: Study: Tests for Heart Defects in Young Athletes Inaccurate
7/14/11 The Independent: Hope for Millions of Alzheimer's Sufferers as Scientists Make Brain Cells from Human Skin


Wired: Genome Revolution is Skipping Nonwhites
7/13/11 San Jose Mercury News: Stanford Project Receives Final Approval After Delay


US News: Individualizing Care Could Save Money, Experts Say
7/11/11 Palo Alto Weekly: Stanford Hospital Project Wins Final Approval


NPR KQED: Autism: New Findings


Palo Alto Online: Mood Disorders Subject of Stanford Event July 9


Wall Street Journal: Doctor's Challenge: How Real is That Pain?
7/5/11 CBS News: Autism Triggered by Environmental Conditions, Not Just Genes


San Francisco Chronicle: Stanford Athletes Sleep for Better Performance
7/4/11 New York Times: Roots of Disease Found to Vary by Continent
7/2/11 San Jose Mercury News: Organ Transplant Recipients Start Boot Camp at Stanford


US News: College Players' Hoop Dreams May Get Boost from Extra Zzz's
7/1/11 Chicago Tribune: Kobe Bryant Undergoes a Different Kind of Knee Procedure
6/30/11 Scientific American: Bring on the Peanuts: Food Allergy Therapies Move Closer to Approval


WebMD: New Study Shows That Pain Costs Billions of Dollars a Year in US
6/29/11 San Jose Mercury News: Stanford Offers to Relocate Arboretum Children's Center During Construction Project


Palo Alto Weekly: Stanford Hospital, Parents Near Agreement
6/27/11 Reuters: Can Vitamin D Lower Your Risk of Melanoma?


MSNBC: Where Stress Hides in Your Body
6/24/11 Reuters: Newport Ads Target Black Youth-Stanford Study


San Jose Mercury News: Last-Minute Delay for Stanford Hospital Expansion Project
6/16/11 Los Angeles Times: Weight Loss Surgery May Have Best Effect in Less Obese Patients


ABC-7: New Surgery Removes Precancerous Heartburn
6/15/11 Newswise: Outpatient Bariatric Surgery May Lead to Higher Mortality and Complications


The Telegraph: Walking an Hour a Day Boosts Heart Health
6/13/11 San Francisco Chronicle: Transplant 'Boot Camp' Trains Recipients for Life


US News: Scientists Study Impact of Adult Stem Cell Research
6/12/11 Associated Press: Comfort or Conflict: Earlier Down Syndrome Test


USA Today: DNA-Based Diet Assists With Disease Prevention
6/10/11 Legislation Could Potentially Harm iPS Stem Cell Research


Internal Medical News: Screen Breast Cancer Patients for Depression
6/8/11 KQED: Stanford Hospital Expansion Moves Forward


CNN Health Blog: Does Third Grade Lead to Brain Changes?
6/6/11 San Jose Mercury News: Finish Line in Sight for Stanford Medical Center Expansion


Palo Alto Patch: City Council to Vote Tonight on Stanford Hospital Renewal Project
6/3/11 KTVU 2: HIV, AIDS Still a Threat in Some Bay Area Communities


San Jose Business Journal: $450,000 Raised in Inaugural Canary Century Bike Ride for the Stanford Cancer Center
6/2/11 Palo Alto Weekly: Stanford Hospital Expansion Up for Final Vote


Stanford Daily: Population Matters
5/27/11 San Jose Business Journal: Decision Time at Stanford Hospitals


KQED: Discovery of Drug Interactions Highlights Potential of Data Mining
5/26/11 Discovery Magazine: Scientists Transform Skin Cells Directly Into Neurons

5/26/11 Scientists at Stanford Come Up with 'Mind-Reading' Imaging Technique
5/26/11 San Francisco Chronicle: Chronic Fatigue Patients Protest Lack of Funding


LiveScience: The Truth About Genderless Babies
5/25/11 New York Times: New Study Links Spine Product From Medtronic to Risk of Sterility in Men


Stanford Daily: New Device Could Reduce Surgical Scarring
5/24/11 ABC: Tanya Angus Takes Giant Step in Uncontrolled Growth


Cardiovascular Business: NEJM-How to Save $640 Billion in Healthcare Costs
5/19/11 San Jose Mercury: Stanford Hospital Project Takes Another Big Step


Palo Alto Online: Palo Alto Creates New 'Hospital Direct' for Stanford Expansion
5/18/11 Palo Alto Patch: Planning Commission Votes in New 'Hospital Direct' for Stanford Project


New York Times: Control Desk for Neural Switchboard
5/16/11 US Smoking Might Raise Odds for Prostate Cancer's Return


LA Times: Stomach Problems Early in Life Linked to Depression
5/11/11 Palo Alto Online: Stanford Hospital Expansion Wins Key Vote


NBC Bay Area: Transplant Boot Camp
4/18/11 SF Chronicle: Facebook, Twitter Lend Patients Support


Palo Alto Online: From Ambient to Upbeat
2/7/11 San Jose Mercury: Stanford's Molecular Autopsies Hope to Help Grieving Families
1/26/11 The Stanford Daily: Stanford Hospital Expansion Effort Offers $173M Deal to Palo Alto
1/12/11 Palo Alto Patch: Stanford Exhibits New Breed of Rock Neurologists

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