Media Coverage

11/26/10 Palo Alto Weekly: Regional Disaster - Response Plans Take Priority
11/22/10 SF Chronicle: Stanford Clinics Offer Free Healthcare to the Needy
11/13/10 San Jose Mercury: Stanford Hospital & Clinics Names New CEO from UCLA
11/4/10 KGO-ABC7: Study: CT Scans Help Lung Cancer Detection
10/13/10 CNN Health: Breast Cancer: Higher Risk of Recurrence
10/13/10 The Stanford Daily: Laptop Heat Can Cause Skin Condition
10/11/10 The New York Times: Physician Revives a Dying Art: The Physical
10/3/10 KPIX-CBS5: UV Dryers at Salons May Pose Cancer Risk
10/1/10 Palo Alto Weekly: Wanted: A Home Away From Home
9/23/10 KGO-ABC7: New Technology Helps Heart Condition Patients
9/15/10 KNTV-NBC11: New Cancer Treatment Started Here
9/2/10 KGO-ABC7: Researcher Tries to Quantify the Force of An NFL Hit
8/27/10 San Jose Business Journal: Peterson Steps in As Interim CEO
8/13/10 San Jose Business Journal: Stanford Hospital on Track to Break Ground in 2011
6/28/10 San Francisco Chronicle: Stanford Library Good for What Ails Community
6/25/10 Palo Alto Weekly: Seeking the Cure

San Francisco Chronicle: Twins Survive Cystic Fibrosis, Lung Transplants

6/4/10 NPR: Hepatitis B Campaign Targets Asians in San Francisco
6/3/10 PBS NewsHour: Vaccination, Education Key to Stemming Asian Hepatitis Outbreaks
6/3/10 KPIX-CBS 5: Comfortable Pillows Don't Have To Be Pricey
5/17/10 KGO-ABC 7: New Surgical Camera Works Like Wii Controller
5/14/10 San Jose Business Journal: Stanford Hospital CEO Martha Marsh Looks Back As She Moves Forward
4/12/10 San Mateo Daily Journal: JoyLife Club & Stanford Co-Host Clinical Trials Forums to Educate Asian Americans
4/5/10 Q&A with Michael Mucha, Information Security Officer at Stanford Hospital & Clinics (podcast available)
3/30/10 KGO-ABC 7: New Technology Helps Minimize Radiation Risk
2/26/10 SCOPE: Obscura Day Features Pneumatic Tube System at Stanford
2/16/10 KQED: Perspectives - Silent Killer
2/1/10 Compilation of Media Coverage on Stanford Team in Haiti (Includes Video)
1/29/10 CBS 5: Stanford Hospital Art for Health Program
1/27/10 KGO-ABC7: Stanford Doctor Treats Victims in Haiti
1/24/10 KCBS: Stanford Pioneers Drive-Thru Clinics
1/18/10 San Jose Business Journal: Stanford Team, $18,000 in Supplies Goes to Haiti
1/17/10 San Jose Mercury: Silicon Valley to Host Conference on 'Personalized Medicine'
1/14/10 San Jose Mercury: Stanford Says Drive-Through Triage Was Effective
1/2010 CA Country Magazine: Diagnosis Delicious!
1/7/10 The Stanford Daily: The Good Death Part 2 of 2
1/6/10 The Stanford Daily: The Good Death Part 1 of 2

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