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Welcome to Stanford eCare, where Stanford-quality care comes to you. eCare makes it simple for you to get help with a variety of medical concerns from the convenience of your home or while on the job.

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About eCare

  • What is an eCare visit?

    An eCare visit is a convenient way to have an appointment with a primary care physician without traveling to the doctor’s office. There are two types of eCare visits:

      · Telephone visits:your doctor calls you at a scheduled time and you have your appointment over the phone. You will need to provide a phone number for the doctor to reach you.
      · Video visits: you and your doctor will have an appointment over video conference (similar to Skype) at a scheduled time. You will need to provide a phone number for the physician to reach you in case there is an issue with the video connection.
  • How do I know if an eCare visit is right for me?

    eCare visits are a great way to receive care from your doctor, but they are not always the appropriate type of appointment. eCare visits are ideal for:

      · Following-up on a condition or health issue for which you are already receiving care
      · Discussing a new health issue that does not require a physical exam in the office

    Please be aware that based on your condition, a physical exam may be necessary. eCare visits are not appropriate for any health issue that you need to have a physical examination for, and they are not appropriate for emergency situations. If you are experiencing a medical emergency call 911 right away.

  • Does my insurance cover eCare visits?

    eCare is available to patients with most commercial insurance coverages, including Stanford HealthCare Alliance members. At this time, eCare visits are not a covered benefit for patients with Medicare, Medi-Cal, or Kaiser Permanente insurance coverage.

  • How much does an eCare visit cost?

    Like an office visit, eCare visits are subject to your insurance benefits, including any copay or coinsurance responsibility. The copay or coinsurance for an eCare visit will be the same as an in-person primary care visit with your existing insurance plan. If your insurance has recently changed, you can request an update to your insurance coverage in MyHealth by selecting “Update My Insurance” under the Billing Center menu.

  • How do I schedule an eCare visit?

    The easiest way to schedule an eCare visit is to use your MyHealth account. MyHealth will prompt you to select an eCare visit when scheduling a visit at Express Care or when scheduling a return primary care visit. If you do not have a MyHealth account, visit the MyHealth website to set one up. You can also schedule an eCare visit by calling 650.736.5211.  

Download FAQ PDF

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