Stanford Diabetes Care Program

Learning more about diabetes is the first step toward living successfully with diabetes. Join our health team to gain the self-care skills you need to control your diabetes.

Diabetes Self-Care Program

This program is a team effort by a diabetes nurse specialist and a registered dietitian.  Topics include: the basics of diabetes, carbohydrate counting, healthy meal plans, exercise, medications, improving glucose control, glucose meters, sick day guidelines, preventing complications and coping with chronic illness. 

If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, please refer to the following for basic information on how to manage your diabetes:

Diabetes Home Video Program

This two-hour video can help if you've just been diagnosed with diabetes or if you want to learn more about how to live with diabetes.

Topics include: the basics of diabetes, meal planning, exercise, blood testing, medications, lifestyle change, managing emotions, preventing complications and maintaining good health.

This video is available for loan or check out from the Stanford Health Library and many local public libraries 

Blood Testing Basics

Learn the skill of blood glucose testing.  This class is for patients who are new to diabetes or others interested in what's new in home blood glucose testing.  Come and learn how to test your blood sugar and receive a free meter to get you started. Call (650) 723-6961.

For more information refer to the following documents:

Glucose Meter Handout 

Glucose / Insulin Dose Log 

Carbohydrate Count Log 

Nutrition Services

Registered dieticians help people sussessfully manage diet and lifestyle to achieve and keep blood glucose within the desired range.  To schedule and appointment call (650) 725-4005

Daily Food Record 

Foot Care Class

Having diabetes increases your risk of foot problems.  A podiatrist will discuss how diabetes affects your feet, common foot problems, risk factors, proper foot care, shoe selection, and how to keep your feet healthy.  No fee. Call (650) 723-6961.

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