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Content from Past Courses




January 2014

Jan 10 Quality Indicators for the Health Care Practice Environment© Click to View
Jan 17 Too Fast Too Slow? Managing the Secondary Arrhythmia Diagnosis: Arrhythmia
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Jan 28 Out With the Old and In With the New: Evidence Based Practice for the Bedside Nurse
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Jan 29 Top Drugs to Know at the Bedside: Pharmacology Update
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Jan 31 Adult Critical Care Series: Neurologic Dysfunction
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Feb 13 Pump It Up! Heart Failure in the 21st Century
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Feb 19 Geriatric Care Series: Session II - Hospital Care of Older Adults Click to View
Feb 25 Cultivating a Coach Mindset: A Skill Set for Leaders
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Mar 4 Risky Business: Understanding Legal and Risk Management Concepts in Healthcare
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Mar 18 Adult Critical Care Series: Cardiothoracic Surgical Interventions
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Apr 4 Adult Critical Care Series: Trauma Critical Care Nurse Essentials (Course Full)
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Apr 15 Death by Clot: Hematology, Pathophysiology & Pharmacology
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Apr 24 Generational Savvy: Working Effectively with Colleagues of All Generations Click to view

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