Diversity Matters

Safe and competent care is essential for positive patient outcomes, and cultural awareness is a vital link to compassionate and successful patient care relationships. You can provide better care when you understand your own cultural biases,
attitudes, and values.

Class participants will learn how to combine simple cultural assessment skills with culturespecific information to attending to patients. This workshop will use lecture, discussion, and vignette-based learning to help enhance understanding of how to provide care to patients from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

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Diversity Matters: Materials



Diversity & Cultural Competence –What’s in for me! pdf

by Maleka Virani, RN, MSN, PCCN

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Culture and Conflict in the Healthcare Workplace pdf

by Susan Motell, RN, MSN

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Cross-Cultural Communication: The Good, Bad & the Ugly pdf

by Margarita Bekker & Johanna Parker

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End-of-Life Conversations Across Cultures pdf

by Marita Grudzen

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Cultural Bumps-Vignette Based Learning pdf

by Maleka Virani, RN, MSN, PCCN


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