Adult Critical Care Series: Pulmonary Dysfunction

This course addresses the fascinating pathophysiology behind adult respiratory distress syndrome and the complexity of its treatment.

New modes of ventilator therapy and treatment strategies are outlined for the critical care nurse, which includes sedation guidelines and strategies to prevent ventilator associated pneumonia.

Pulmonary hypertension and neuromuscular disease are also included in the course content.

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Pulmonary Dysfunction Materials Links



Lung Protective Ventilation pdf

by Joseph Levitt, MD

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ECMO for the Treatment of ARDS pdf

by Paul Shuttleworth, Perfusionist

Click to View

Neuromuscular Blockade, Sedation and Sedation Vacations pdf

by Darren Batara, RN, MS

Click to view

Strategies for Preventing Aspiration after Extubation pdf

by Jennifer Kizner, Med, CCC/SLP, BRS-S

Click to view

Overview of Lung Transplantation: Today’s Indication and Outcome pdf

By Laura Starr RN, MSN, NP

Click to view

Neuromuscular Diseases and Pulmonary Dysfunction pdf

by Steve Ruoss, MD

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