Adult Critical Care Series: Neurologic Dysfunction

This course addresses neuroanatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, neurologic assessment as well as nursing management of intracranial pressure monitoring, stroke, intracerebral bleeds, neurosurgery and neuro-interventional catheter procedures.

Content is integrated using clinical case studies.

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Neurologic Dysfunction Materials Links



Neurological Anatomy and Physiology: Your guide to Clinical Assessment pdf

by Jaime Lopez MD

Click to View

Aneurysms/SAH: Critical Care Management pdf

by Teresa Bell-Stephens, RN, CNRN

Click to View


Moya Moya: Unraveling the Mystery pdf

by Teresa Bell-Stephens, RN, CNRN

Click to view

Neuroimaging for stroke and other disorders pdf

by Anna Caulfield Finley, MD

Click to view Part 1

Click to view Part 2

Treatment of Cerebrovascular Malformations pdf

by Mary Marcellus, RN

Click to view

Seizure Management in ICU pdf

by Mimi Callanan, RN, MSN

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