Your Health Care Team


Exceptional Doctors — Individual Care

Stanford Hospital & Clinics physicians are among the finest in the world. They are often highly-regarded not just for their skills as physicians, but for being pioneers in the advancement of treatments within their specialties.

Your attending physician supervises your care and treatment while you're in the hospital. He or she will also oversee a group of fellows, residents and medical students who may be participating in your care.

This means that, not only will you be receiving expert care from your physicians, you'll also be helping to train future physicians to achieve the standard of care that the world has come to expect from Stanford.


A Focal Point For Your Care

Registered nurses are at the center of your care. Our highly skilled RNs are the link between you and all the members of your health care team.

If there’s anything you need, they help communicate it to the appropriate person on your team. Your nurse also administers medication and intravenous fluids, performs treatments and plans your daily care.

Your nurse helps educate you and your family about your medical condition, as well as how to continue treatment once you leave the hospital.

Our nurses also manage a team of assistants who help with your care – people responsible for everything from taking your vital signs and maintaining your personal hygiene, to assisting with meals and helping to make you comfortable during your hospital stay.

Laboratory Personnel

For Treatment

In all likelihood, your reason for staying with us will require tests to help diagnose your condition and guide your course of treatment.

Highly skilled laboratory personnel play a critical role in this process. Occasionally, you will meet lab techs if they visit you to draw blood for tests. But more often than not, they work behind the scenes, analyzing blood and other body fluids for the various diagnostic tests your health care team may order.

But even if you never encounter any of the lab personnel, you can be confident they’re working as part of your healthcare team to return you to health as quickly as possible.

Respiratory Therapists

Helping You Breathe Easier

If your condition contributes to breathing problems, you will likely see one of our Respiratory Therapy specialists. He or she will evaluate your condition and the factors contributing to your breathing issues, and contribute to every aspect of your respiratory care, from breathing treatments to ventilator support.

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