Contact Information

Director: Diane Churchill
Coordinator: Louise Laforet
Phone: (650) 723-6906
Fax: (650) 736-4186
Aging Adult Services
300 Pasteur Drive, HC005
Palo Alto, CA 94305-5279

What is Lifeline?

With a push of the button, Lifeline can bring you 24 hour emergency response and/or a helping hand from a neighbor. Lifeline enables those who are elderly, medically vulnerable or physically limited to continue to live independently in their own homes. Lifeline provides reassurance and an increased sense of security for both the subscriber and family members. To find out if you are a candidate for Lifeline, click here.  

How can I reach Lifeline?

Lifeline is open to the community as part of Stanford Hospital and Clinic's Aging Adult Services; you do not need to be a hospital patient to obtain this service.

How does Lifeline work?

How much does Lifeline cost?

(NOTE: Stanford Hospital Lifeline offers reduced rates to those in financial need.)

For additional information about Lifeline products and services, as well as Lifeline's online resources, click here.

Application and Set-up

Step 1:
Complete and submit the Stanford Lifeline Application. Submit your application by one of the following three methods:

Step 2:
Upon receipt of the application, a Lifeline representative will call the applicant to set-up an installation date (usually scheduled within 24 - 48 hours). Installations normally take about 1 hour.

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