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Jewish Observance and Shabbat

Kosher food

Glatt kosher food--from vegan to meat--can be ordered through the hospital's dietary staff. Patients and families also are welcome to bring in their own food and store it in the refrigerator in the nursing unit on their floor. A special meat microwave is available from The Jewish Chaplaincy on request. Please contact The Jewish Chaplaincy for further assistance.

Assistance with prayer

The Jewish chaplains can be paged to provide a siddur or assist you with putting on a kippah, tallit or tefillin.


On Friday afternoons, The Jewish Chaplaincy can provide a Shabbat bag that includes electric Shabbat candles (tea lights), kosher grape juice, and a card with blessings and candle lighting times. Note: lighting candles with an open flame is not allowed in the hospital.

Avoiding electricity 

Nurses and staff can work with patients and families to avoid the use of electricity. At Stanford Hospital, a non-electric door that opens from the inside is located near the garden entrance. In addition, there is a hallway entrance on the first floor. All outside entrances to Lucile Packard Children's Hospital electric. However, the hospital can be reached through a hallway entrance from Stanford Hospital.


A single kitchen serves both Stanford Hospital and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital allows carrying on Shabbat within each hospital and between hospitals.


At Stanford Hospital, Guest Services and The Jewish Chaplaincy can help families who do not travel on Shabbat make arrangements to stay overnight. Currently, the hospital does not provide an overnight hospitality room. At Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, social workers can assist families with sleep spaces in the hospital. These may or may not be in the patient room depending upon the nursing unit.

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