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Speaking Your Language

We understand the importance of communication and feeling comfortable in a foreign environment, especially when it comes to your health. Dealing with a medical issue can be a stressful experience, and we want to help alleviate that stress in any way we can. Language is one way we help reduce the complexity from your visit, but not the only thing we do to help.

Our multi-cultural and multilingual staff is fluent in more than 20 languages with an acute understanding of the specific cultural nuances that arise when individuals from around the world visit us. We are committed to making you feel comfortable, safe and close to home throughout your journey.

If needed, we have access to a team of medical interpreters and translators available in more than 100 languages, can address specific food restrictions, offer diverse spiritual support and much more.

No matter your background or where in the world you live, we will deliver an unparalleled experience unique to you.

Contact International Medical Services at +1 (650) 723.8561 or

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