Spiritual Care Service

Spiritual Assistance and Support Services available:

Spiritual Care Hands

 - Supportive visits by chaplains and volunteers

 - Eucharistic (and other sacraments) ministry

 - Faith community-based support is available through staff and volunteers for several faith groups, including Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims and Sikhs

 - Connection to community resources for other faith traditions

 - Memorial services

 - “Grief Matters” (bereavement care) Seminars

 - Ethical consultation through Stanford Hospital’s Ethics Committee

 - Religious resources available through the Spiritual Care Service: Bibles, Buddhist chanting tapes and teachings, Muslim prayer rugs, prayer materials and inspirational readings for several faith traditions, the Q’uran, rosaries and rosary guides, and Shabbat candles (electric)

Holiday Observances

Through its chaplaincies and faith groups, the Spiritual Care Service sponsors several holiday observances each year.  You can join us for Ash Wednesday, Chanukah and Christmas events, Eid celebrations, the Good Friday service, Ramadan break the fast and Sounding the Shofar.


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