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Aging Adult Services offers a FREE confidential meeting with a trained professional to help you understand and formulate your Advance Directive.  An Advance Directive can be a very helpful instrument for families and friends whenever anyone is critically ill and decisions need to be made.  Please call to learn more!

Advance Directives serve several interests of patients should they become unable to make their own decisions by:

  1. Protecting the moral and legal right of self-determination
  2. Diminishing uncertainty about what a patient would want done
  3. Reducing conflict among decision makers
  4. Relieving the anxiety of families and care givers about making end of life decisions and patients' fears about over treatment
  5. Facilitating altruism by allowing patients to donate organs or to relieve their families of the economic burdens of unnecessary treatment

(Edmund D. Pellegrino, MD, JAMA, July 15, 1992-Vol 268, No. 3 page 354)

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