Arts Program - Guided Imagery

Contact Information

Coordinator: Linh Dang
Phone: (650) 498-3333
Fax:  (650) 736-4130
Location:  Guest Services
300 Pasteur Drive
Room H1132
Palo Alto, CA 94305

What is Guided Imagery?
Guided Imagery is a healing technique that helps individuals use their thoughts and imagination to relax and create healing scenarios in their minds to support their health and recovery process.

In a hospital setting, it is used with cancer patients to help prepare them for radiology treatments or other procedures by educating them on what to expect and thereby alleviating the anxiety and fear of the unknown.

Our Mission is to provide a system of visualization that can be used to help in the patients’ healing process, to help equip patients with more confidence in facing their situations, and to provide a technique that helps create positive healing images.

Who can participate?
Stanford Hospital inpatients. No experience is required to participate.



How are the sessions held?
Individual sessions of 30 minutes to an hour are provided at the patient's bedside. The facilitator and the patient identify the patient's needs and then the facilitator guides the patient into a safe and relaxed place.  The facilitators are certified in Integrative Imagery and have extensive experience both at Stanford Hospital and in the community.  Sessions are held on Wednesdays. 

What is a session like?
After the facilitator helps identify the patient's needs and concerns, they start with a relaxation exercise to help the patient imagine him/herself in a place where they feel completely secure.  Guided Imagery is simple and can reduce tension in your body within the first session.

What are the benefits?
Benefits of Guided Imagery are: reducing pain, insomnia, and depression; relieving nausea; reducing heart rate and blood pressure; decreasing anxiety and the fear of the unknown; feeling more at ease during procedures like radiation or MRIs; and simply feeling more relaxed.

Is there a cost for the sessions?
Through the generous support of Stanford Hospital and private donors, sessions are provided free of charge for all participants.

How can I schedule a session?
Please call Guest Services at (650) 498-3333.

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