Arts Program - Art for Health

Contact Information

Coordinator: Linh Dang
Phone: (650) 498-3333
Fax:  (650) 736-4130
Location:  Guest Services
300 Pasteur Drive
Room H1132
Palo Alto, CA 94305

What is Art for Health?
The focus of the Art for Health Program is to enjoy the creative process, allowing participants to relieve their stress and to lift their spirits. The art facilitators use a wide variety of art materials including paint, pastels, and collage. Art for Health sessions are held in a safe, non-threatening atmosphere. Facilitators provide caring guidance, allowing patients to explore their creativity. Watch a video about Stanford Hospital's Art for Health program.

Who can participate?
Stanford Hospital patients and their family members, including children (four years and older). No art experience is required to participate. 



How are the sessions held?
Individual sessions with patients and family members are provided at the bedside. Our facilitators guide participants in a caring manner and can suggest art projects that suit individual needs and interests.  Group sessions are also available for Med-Psych (G2 Unit) patients.

"Efrain" by Stanford Hospital patient.Stanford Hospital Art Program

How long are the sessions?
Sessions last approximately one hour.

Is there a cost for the sessions?
Through the generous support of Stanford Hospital and private donors, sessions are provided free of charge for all participants.

How can I schedule a session?
Please call Guest Services at (650) 498-3333.

Stanford Hospital & Clinics Patient Art Spotlight

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