Benefits Summary

The following is a summary of benefits that apply to "regular" employees who work half time or more. For more details on our benefits, our campus, our community, and careers at Stanford Hospital & Clinics, visit our Recruitment Web site.

These benefits may vary for some employees covered by a union contract. If you are eligible, you may enroll eligible family members in many benefit plans. Children include natural, adopted, stepchild, legal ward, and disabled child. You may also enroll legal spouse or same-sex domestic partner.

Medical Plan/Vision Plan

Stanford Hospital & Clinics (SHC) and Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford (LPCH) offer a Blue Cross Prudent Buyer (PPO) Plan.  This plan is free for employees, their spouse or same-sex domestic partner and children.  Kaiser is also offered as a free plan for employees and children.  A third plan, Blue Cross HMO requires a monthly premium for all participants. Included with all health plans is vision coverage via Vision Service Plan, mental health and prescription drug coverage. 

Dental Plan

In addition to the health plan, a choice of two Delta Dental plans is offered. Employees pay to cover their spouse under the "Premier" plan. The "Premier" plan allows employees to go to any dentist. Under the "Care" plan employees must choose from a select network of dentists. Orthodontia for adults is covered only under the Care plan.

Life Insurance

SHC/LPCH provides you Basic Life insurance protection equal to $50,000 or one time your
annual salary rounded to the nearest $1,000, whichever is lower.  You do not pay for this benefit.  You have the option of purchasing supplemental coverage equal to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 times your base annual salary, rounded up to the next $1,000.  The maximum total amount is $3,000,000 for basic and supplemental life insurance.  Employees may also purchase life insurance for their spouse and children.  The cost for supplemental and spouse coverage depends on the employee’s age and amount of coverage purchased.  The cost for children’s life insurance is a flat amount regardless of the number of children covered.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Regular employees may purchase accidental death and dismemberment insurance up to 10 times their salary to a maximum benefit of $500,000. The cost depends on the amount of insurance purchased.

Tuition Assistance

Employees who have completed their trial period and have worked at least 1,000 hours are eligible to participate in this program. SHC/LPCH will reimburse employees for programs or courses that relate to approved employee goals and development plans for departmental goals. The maximum reimbursement for approved courses is $1000 per fiscal year for full-time employees, with pro-rated amounts of that maximum for part-time employees.

Retirement Plan

All employees may contribute a percentage of their salaries to the Tax Deferred Annuity Plan. Contributions may be made up to the IRS limits. After one year of service, regular employees are automatically enrolled in the 403(b) Retirement Plan. SHC/LPCH contributes an amount equal to five percent of the employee's base pay. Additionally, employee's may contribute one percent to four percent of base pay and receive a corresponding matching contribution from SHC/LPCH.

Paid Time Off

Paid time off (PTO) compensates regular employees at their base wage when absent from work for vacation, illness, holidays, family emergencies, religious observances, preventive health and elective absences. PTO is accrued by employees on the basis of hours worked excluding overtime hours and other time compensated at premium rates.

Years of Service Accrued per year by full-time employees:

1st - 9th years of service - 36 days
10th and subsequent years of service - 39 days

1st year of service - 26 days 
2nd - 4th years of service - 31 days
5th - 9th years of service - 36 days
10th and subsequent years of service - 39 days

Short/Long Term Disability

SHC/LPCH provides regular employees a basic long term disability plan which pays 50 percent of pre-disability monthly income after 12 months of disability. The maximum monthly benefit is $8,000.

Employees have the option to purchase supplemental short- and long-term disability insurance. The supplemental short-term disability plan coordinates with the State Disability Insurance (SDI) Plan up to a total of 60 percent of pre-disability income. The maximum weekly combined benefit is $1,846. Benefits begin after seven consecutive days of illness or injury.

The supplemental long-term disability plan coordinates with the basic plan and pays 66-2/3 percent of pre-disability income to a maximum combined monthly benefit of $8,000.

Reimbursement Accounts for Health Care and Dependent Care

Participation in this program allows employees to set aside pre-tax income to pay for certain medical and dependent care expenses. (Limitations apply.)

Legal Plan

A regular employee has the option to purchase legal care insurance. (Limitations apply.)

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