Digestive Health

Small Bowel Manometry


Have someone drive you or be available to drive you home the day of the procedure. Due to the sedation you will not be allowed to drive yourself. Somebody responsible for you can accompany you in a taxi, but no public transport is allowed. This is for your own safety. Your procedure will be canceled if you do no have a ride.

If you are an insulin dependent diabetic or taking any anti-coagulant medication (i.e. Coumadin, Heparin) or have special needs please be sure to notify your physician.

7 days before procedure

Please consult your physician if you have any questions about your medication, especially if you have been told not to stop taking these drugs suddenly without medical advice.

5 days before procedure

Day before procedure

Day of procedure

If you need to change or cancel this appointment, please notify us at least one week in advance at (650) 725-3374.> This will enable us to schedule another patient for that appointment time.


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