Rehabilitation Services

General Information

Associate Director, Rehabilitation Services

Judy Leydig, MBA, PT


Kiely Schmidt PT, DPT
Senior Physical Therapist
Department of Rehabilitation Services: Neurology
Office number: 650-724-2789

Lori Beyer, DPT, OCS
Stanford Hospital and Clinics
Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Services
Office Number: 650-721-7676

Dept. Fax



Department hours are 8 am to 5 pm.  Some clinical instructors (CI) may start earlier or later than these hours. Check with your CI about what hours you will be working. Interns do not usually work weekends unless by special arrangement with the clinical instructor.


The following holidays are observed by the hospital and will be granted to interns if they fall on a weekday. Other school holidays are not permitted.


A refrigerator and microwave oven are available in the department. There is a cafeteria in the hospital and café/delis in the medical school area. Debit cards may be purchased from the food service office for a 10% discount on cafeteria and coffee bar purchases.


Report unexpected absences before 7:30 am to the staffing office. 

The department follows school guidelines regarding absences.  There may be opportunity to make up missed days on weekends or at the end of the affiliation.


Your ID may be used to obtain access to Lane Medical Library. PubMed and other library resources are available without sign-in from hospital computers. Ask the clinical education coordinator or your clinical isntructor for more information. 


Interns complete mid-term and final assessments, and other tools required by the school and department.  We appreciate students’ assessments of our orientation and education program to help us improve the effectiveness for future students.

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