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Nursing Strategic Plan

Benefits of Strategic Planning

Strategic planning enables an organization to look into the future in an orderly and systematic way, ensures that a hospital remains relevant and responsive to patient/community needs and provides a clear and consistent organizational focus. It also provides a basis for monitoring progress, results and impact. At Stanford Hospital & Clinics (SHC), the hospital and each department engage in the strategic planning process.

Stanford Hospital & Clinics (SHC) Strategic Planning Process

SHC’s Executive Team, including Chief Nursing Officer Nancy Lee, participates in annual Strategic Planning Retreats to determine SHC enterprise wide goals for the upcoming year. The resulting Strategic Plan focuses on enterprise wide tactical categories critical to hospital operations:

Each department, including Nursing, develops an Operating Plan outlining key departmental tactics and initiatives, as well as a Dashboard including operational metrics that support achievement of SHC enterprise wide goals. The nursing leadership team developed these plans, which were reviewed and approved by the SHC Executive Team. The Nursing Department Operating Plan is updated on a quarterly basis and the Dashboard is updated on a monthly basis.

Together, the Operating Plan and Dashboard serve as living documents that enable the Nursing Department to share and monitor progress in all areas. These documents are posted in visible areas of the hospital for our team members and patients alike to review.

Nursing Strategic Plan Development Background

The 2010-2015 Nursing Strategic Plan was developed by a core team of nursing leaders and reviewed by nursing staff at all levels of practice at SHC. Significant efforts were dedicated to ensuring alignment of the Nursing Strategic Plan with the SHC strategic planning process. The proposed plan was vetted through the Shared Governance structure, reaching over 200 council members. Staff input was sought and feedback was received from over 25 clinical areas. All feedback was reviewed and incorporated into the plan as appropriate. The plan was ultimately approved by the SHC Board.

Nursing leadership aligned nursing excellence categories and goals from the Nursing Strategic Plan with SHC enterprise wide tactical categories.

Annual Updates

The Nursing Department Operating Plan and Dashboard is developed at the beginning of each fiscal year, during the annual strategic planning process. The Nursing Strategic Plan will be reviewed to ensure appropriate elements are being covered and focused on each year.

How Do We Share This Information?

While many units continue to use Staff Meetings as a mechanism to share updates and discuss new ideas, every inpatient unit now has a huddle every day and every shift. Huddles are led by nursing leadership and are an opportunity for unit leadership to not only provide key operational updates, such as nursing strategic plan components, staffing issues or hospital crowding, but also to review key unit performance metrics, engage staff in providing ideas on how to improve in certain areas and celebrate successes.

Every inpatient unit also has a Visibility Wall. A Visibility Wall is designated space that includes information and data relevant to the area in a way that is translatable to staff, physicians and patients/families. It improves viewing, access and transparency of information, such as key performance metrics and nursing strategic plan elements, and also provides an opportunity to engage staff, physicians and patients/families in continuous improvement efforts.

Nancy Lee, Chief Nursing Officer, and Wendy Foad, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer, also share this information in various Shared Governance Councils as well as during Open Conversations, which are face-to-face meetings with staff.

If you have any questions about your Visibility Wall and/or ideas on how we can improve display and sharing, please let one of your Managers know.

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