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Special Message from Nancy:
Outstanding Joint Commission Survey!

On Monday, July 15th at 7:00 a.m., Stanford Hospital & Clinics (SHC) greeted seven unannounced surveyors from The Joint Commission (TJC). TJC is an independent, non-profit organization that accredits and certifies U.S. hospitals and other healthcare organizations. Every three years, TJC conducts unscheduled onsite inspections, during which time inspectors evaluate structures, processes and outcomes associated with hospital performance. Successful Joint Commission Accreditation is a condition of participation in the federal Medicare program, and is generally considered one of SHCs most important surveys.

I am thrilled to join our CEO, Amir Dan Rubin, in reporting that Stanford Hospital & Clinics performed in outstanding fashion on the survey and will be receiving Full Accreditation! Moreover, the surveyors noted that in many areas, SHC serves as the national benchmark for performance!

I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge our incredible nursing team. The Joint Commission reported ZERO findings for nursing care. This is a direct result of your unwavering commitment to keeping our patients safe and well cared for during their stay at SHC. Your nursing expertise, compassionate treatment of patients, and teamwork were very clearly demonstrated to the surveyors and served as a significant factor in the extremely positive outcome of the visit.

During the exit meeting the surveyors repeatedly commented how impressed they were with our efforts to become a high-reliability organization through our Stanford Operating System lean approaches. According to Kim Pardini-Kiely, SHC Vice President of Quality & Effectiveness, it was the best survey shes every participated in during her 30 years in hospital management. Steve Chinn, SHC director of Accreditation, Quality and Safety, said in his 20-year experience, he has never heard so many kudos from a TJC survey team as he did this week. Everyone who participated in the survey sessions, from our physicians and nurses, to our administrators and support staff, did an outstanding job.

In my 34 years as a nurse I have never been more honored to work with such a group. Thanks to each and every one of you for your service, and for consistently showing our patients what it means to be A Stanford Nurse.

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