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Shared Governance

Shared Governance is one of the core components of Stanford Hospital & Clinics Professional Practice Model. The Shared Governance Model is an organizational structure in which nurses and administrators collaboratively determine nursing practice, standards and quality of care. It is founded on the cornerstone principles of partnership, equity, accountability, & ownership at the point of service.

The shared decision making that arises under the structure of Shared Governance contributes to a work environment in which nurses control their practice and exercise influence over organizational policies.

Shared Governance empowers the interdisciplinary staff to define, implement and maintain current practice standards and to implement the vision and strategic plan for patient care. To achieve this end, the Coordinating Council provides oversight for the seven organization-wide councils, all sub-councils/committees, and one or more councils in each department/unit chartered to:

At SHC, Shared Governance is practiced through established councils in each of the following areas:

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