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Pain Champions and Patient Centered Pain Management Program

SNAP – Stanford Nurses Against Pain

Stanford Hospital & Clinics (SHC) takes pain management seriously. SHC nursing initiatives focused on pain are based upon the following principles:

SHC has introduced several pain management initiatives in a multi-faceted approach to improving patients’ hospital stays.

Pain Champions

Stanford Pain Champions is an SHC pain management initiative launched in January 2012. The goals of Pain Champions are to develop expertise in pain management, including the integration of alternative pain management strategies, in order to improve patients’ pain management during a hospital stay.

Pain Champions serve as the nurse bedside experts and partners in pain management. They act as information resources for their peers, and support and educate patients and families in pain management protocols and options.

Patient Partnerships

Patient partnership is a crucial element of effective pain management. The Pain Champion program provides a framework for dialogue and strengthens the partnership between nursing staff and patients. Pain Champions work to increase patient involvement and engagement in managing their pain through patient education that focuses on their role in self-care practices that can reduce pain, as well as setting appropriate expectations about pain levels.

Augmentative Pain Therapies

The Augmentative Pain Therapies Team is another SHC Pain Management program which provides staff with pain management tools including holistic and adjunct therapy treatments and also provides access to additional services by appointment.

This team, which includes both nurses and patients, developed the innovative Comfort Care Toolkit.

The Comfort Care Toolkit has three components:

By empowering patients to manage various aspects of their care, we hope to increase patient comfort and satisfaction and reduce the amount of pain medication patients require.

Ongoing Organizational Education

All nurses will have the opportunity to attend seminars throughout the year addressing a number of topics including:

The seminars will utilize a problem-based learning approach to foster a dynamic and interactive exchange for the participants.

Pain Champions attend seminars bi-monthly with a problem based learning approach of lecture and didactic component integrating lessons into everyday practice constructs.

SHC nurses interested in becoming a Pain Champion should speak with their nurse managers.

Parts of this article originally appeared in the Spring 2012 issue of Stanford Nurse Magazine.

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