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PNDP Steps to Success


Helpful Tips


  • Let your manager know of your intent to apply.
  • Be evaluated by managers with the ACE tool (based on the Benner Model).
  • Based on ACE tool results, determine whether you are expert or proficient.
  • Must be an “Expert” to apply for Clinical Nurse IV status.
  • Start this step at least 3 months prior to the panel:
  • Start in October if you wish to apply for February panel.
  • Start in March if you wish to apply for June panel.
  • Start in July if you wish to apply for October panel.


  • Complete cover letter and resume.
  • Complete verification of meetings and mandatory training.
  • Print all Continuing Education certificates.
  • Continue to work on checklist for promotion
  • Verification of Professional Nursing Association Mem­bership (CN IV only).
  • Ask your Manager for a PNDP Work Book binder & a flash drive with all the electronic forms.
  • Keep a log throughout the year of all CEU’s (ask your manager for a PNDP To Go Notebook).
  • Check PNDP site on Stanford Intranet for schedule of classes and workshops.
  • Check your unit bulletin board for support groups.


  • Determine eligible points and complete verification of points.
  • Complete verification of hospital-wide or professional committee participation.
  • It’s easiest to email the electronic form to the commit¬tee chair fill out, scan and email back to you (all forms are on the flash drive in the PNDP work book).
    This step takes the longest!
  • Start early as people work shifts and take vacations!


  • Hand out References:
  • Clinical Nurse III
    • One each to: Peer, Manager, Physician/Resident/NP/PA, Non-Nursing Licensed Professional
      (Pharmacist, RT, OT, PT, RD)
  • Clinical Nurse IV
    • One each to: Peer, Manager, Physician/Resident/NP/PA, Non-Nursing Licensed Professional
      (Pharmacist, RT, OT, PT, RD)
  • Make sure you give people plenty of time to complete your references.
  • Easiest to attach the Reference Form to an email and send.


  • Write your exemplars.
  • CN III needs 2 exemplars.
  • CN IV needs 3 exemplars.
  • Check the intranet for schedule of exemplar drop-in classes at CE Center.
  • Check unit bulletin board for the 2nd & 4th Tuesday support groups.
  • Go to an Exemplar Drop-in Session for feedback.
  • Email the mentors and support teams.
  • See your manager’s Drop-In Office Hours.


  • Take your completed packet to your manager for final approval at least 3 weeks prior to the due date!
  • Do not staple your papers, use a large clip instead so they can be easily scanned.
  • Use a “footer” on EVERY document that has your name and employee ID number.

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