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Dr. Sanjiv Gambhir

"At Stanford Radiology we are committed to excellence in patient care and being your partner to a healthy life. We are inventing the future of Medical Diagnostics, Biomedical Imaging, and minimally invasive therapies. Finally, we are training the next-generation of physician and scientific leaders to seed the rest of the world."

Sanjiv Sam Gambhir, MD, PhD
Chair, Department of Radiology

The people and programs comprising Stanford Radiology are world-renowned. Stanford Radiology continues to push the boundaries of innovation in physics and engineering to develop cutting-edge methods for enhanced anatomic and functional imaging. Our diverse multidisciplinary teams of scientists, together with industry collaborators, are creating new methods for the early detection of cancer using molecular imaging, nanotechnology, and systems biology. They also continue to develop improved and more targeted methods for least-invasive, and compassionate cancer patient care.

Ultimately, Stanford Radiology plans to play a very important role in the development of personalized medicine by moving advances from the laboratories to the clinic for improved patient-centric care. Anticipating better tools for implementing personalized medicine, we are starting to develop a patient-centric approach to radiology that will greatly increase the interaction between radiologists and their patients. In this way, radiologists will no longer be invisible, behind-the-scenes, contributors to their patients, but will be ‘front and center’ members of their patients' health care teams.

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