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Farewell to Falls, a program of the Trauma Center at Stanford, is working with older adults to help reduce falls.  The program works closely with Stanford Hospital's Aging Adult Services.

Have you fallen recently?  Say Farewell to Falls! 
More than 1 million older adults in California fall each year, with 200,000 of those falls resulting in injury. And nearly 188 Californians, age 55 and over, are hospitalized every day from slips, trips and falls. Research now shows that there are things that you can do to prevent falls and help you to maintain your independence.

Falls can be prevented by:

Evaluate your health, your activity level and your home environment.  There are changes you can make today to prevent you from falling again tomorrow.

The Center for Disease Control states that older adults who have fallen previously or who stumble frequently are two to three times more likely to fall within the next year. Take action to help prevent another fall.

Tips if Feeling Dizzy or Weak

Tips to Avoid Tripping or Slipping

Tips to Improve Balance

Tips if Having Vision Trouble or Vision Loss

Other Safety Tips

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