Pain Management Center

Comprehensive Evaluation

Unless your physician refers you to the Pain Management Center to undergo a specific procedure or series of procedures, you will be scheduled to undergo a comprehensive evaluation.

During this evaluation, members of the multidisciplinary team will conduct a full physical and psychological assessment of your condition, including a review of your medical records, and X-rays. In some cases, supplemental diagnostic tests may be necessary to further pinpoint the cause of your pain. (We will, however, avoid unnecessary duplication of tests wherever possible.) we usually ask that you bring a spouse, relative or close friend to the evaluation.

Once the evaluation has been completed, the Pain Management team will hold a multidisciplinary conference to determine whether or not treatment at Stanford holds potential benefits for you, and to develop and individualized treatment plan. (Approximately 2/3 of all patients are found to be appropriate candidates for treatment at Stanford.) Your primary physician will be invited to attend this conference.

Following this conference, you will receive a letter from the Pain Management Center regarding your potential treatment at the Stanford program.

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