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Travel Clinic & Travel Immunizations

Stanford Travel & Tropical Medicine Clinic

Preparation here translates to peace of mind there

Travel Clinic & Travel Immunizations

Treating Tropical Infections

If you catch a bug while traveling the world,
heal it with a stop at Stanford

Travel Clinic & Travel Immunizations

Your Complete Travel Clinic

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Stanford Travel Clinic
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Stanford Travel & Tropical Medicine Clinic

The Stanford Travel Clinic is your complete travel health provider. We offer expert, pre-travel consultative services including travel immunizations and provide treatment for illnesses contracted while traveling abroad. Our services include:

  • Travel immunizations – All pre-travel immunizations including the Yellow Fever Vaccine. Advice regarding malaria prophylaxis and traveler’s diarrhea, and up-to-date review of current alerts or outbreaks at your destination. We are a state-certified yellow fever vaccine provider.
  • Travel Illness Treatment - Treatment of post-travel illnesses, such as dengue, typhoid, malaria and diarrhea
  • Medically Complicated Travel - Care for patients whose pre-travel visit might be considered medically complicated, such as those who are immunocompromised, elderly, pregnant and those with other significant medical illnesses
  • Expert Travel Clinicians – Highly trained physicians in Tropical Medicine and Travelers' Health

Travel Clinic Offerings

 Travel Immunizations – Complete pre-travel preventative care including travel immunizations, malaria prophylaxis, traveler’s diarrhea, and altitude sickness. Minimize the chances of becoming ill when traveling - we also provide tips and advice on how to avoid becoming ill on your trip.

 Tropical Medicine Expertise – Expertise in tropical infectious diseases and illness acquired during travel, in addition to pre-travel consultations. Our comprehensive approach covers you before and after the fact, giving you peace of mind when traveling.

Why Visit the Travel Clinic?

Visiting a travel clinic decreases the chances of developing serious illnesses when traveling abroad. Before you travel, find out if you need any travel immunizations and see alerts for your destination.

Meet our Travel Clinic Team

Travel Clinic Information:

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