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Local DME Companies

The process of obtaining a CPAP or Bi-level unit and any related medical equipment once you have a prescription requires a few steps. Your prescription will specify the type of therapy needed (for example CPAP versus BiLevel) and your therapeutic pressure. In addition, the physicians shouldl have indicated certain accessories, such as specific mask types, chin strap, or humidifiers, which are essential to the proper delivery of positive airway pressure.

Checklist for Obtaining Durable Medical Equipment

Durable Medical Equipment Vendors Listings by County and Regions

Durable Medical Equipment Vendors list [.doc] is not comprehensive, but attempts to cover the major population centers, with a focus on the Bay Area for our local patients. Most, if not all home care dealers, may be found in your local yellow pages under Medical Equipment and Supplies. If you are from a region outside California, itís a good idea to check with the local hospital or sleep clinic to see whose service they prefer.

Your prescription should contain the following information: pressure settings, mask size and type, accessories such as humidifiers, and any special needs such as oxygen or Bi-level. Detailed prescriptions are necessary for a home care company to provide you with your CPAP or Bi-level unit

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