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Home Sleep Study (Portable Monitoring)

A Home Sleep Study is a simplified version of an Overnight, Attended Sleep Study that focuses on nocturnal breathing. Home sleep studies are only used to diagnose or rule out obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Because the emphasis is on breathing, itís possible to use fewer sensors.

Not all patients are good candidates for a home test and not all insurance carriers will cover the cost of the study. If you need a sleep study, your doctor will make a recommendation based on your specific situation whether you should have your test done in the lab or at home.

If youíve been scheduled for a home sleep study, youíll need to pick up the equipment from the clinic. Youíll meet with a sleep technologist to learn how to properly place the sensors and start the study. That night, before bed, youíll need to secure sensors to your upper lip, throat, chest, abdomen and finger. These sensors will record information about your airflow, snoring, breathing effort, heart rate and oxygen levels throughout the night.

In the morning, youíll remove the sensors, return everything to the test kit and return the equipment to the Sleep Center so we can download and analyze the data.

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