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Below are some testimonials we’ve received from our patients.

I would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking to make their dream of having a family come true. My experience with the clinic, physicians, IVF coordinators, nurses, receptions, etc. -- basically everyone in the office has been nothing but excellent. They are very sympathetic to my medical, as well as emotional needs, and always treated me with the most respect.

Thanks to the doctor's genius and his wonderful team, I now have a 2.5 year old son. And I recently spent 2.5 weeks in California (I now live in New Jersey) just so I could give another try at conceiving and the news is positive again, and I'm already 10 weeks pregnant.

What can I say, they have made my dream of having a family come true - twice. I feel very lucky to have found this practice.


I was 40 years old and I received a call that I had high FSH and only a 1 in 20 chance of conceiving. I was devastated, but I thought what can I do to be that one? After an unsuccessful IVF cycle at another clinic, my research discovered Stanford. I met the doctor at SFRMC who really went the distance for me.

I got pregnant from the second IVF cycle at Stanford. I contribute our success to a positive attitude, a healthy lifestyle and the individual treatment I received from the Doctor.


We just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of us during our IUI treatment at Stanford Fertility Center. Our experience was very positive and we appreciated the special attention and care we received from the Doctor and the staff. During such an emotional and often difficult time, it’s nice to feel like people really care, and are sincere and helpful.

I’m happy to report we are about 4 ½ months pregnant now, and all looks healthy so far J

Best regards,

I wanted to take the opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for your care of me and my husband during the fertility and early pregnancy phase. I feel fortunate to have worked with a physician I found to be both interpersonally and medically skilled. I very much appreciated your genuineness, openness, willingness to answer my many questions, and the warmth you exude. I realize that there probably are many many moments of delicate and complex medical and clinical decision-making that you balance in your mind as you provide your service; to me, you balanced them gracefully. If pregnancy does not reach its full term and we will have to return to the fertilization phase, it is good to know that you are out there. I know that many patients will benefit from your expertise and clinical care.

Many thanks,

Doctor at SFRMC helped my husband and I, both in our forties, become pregnant. I always felt our Doctor was listening to our priorities and preferences and at the same time providing relevant information to help guide our choices. What amazed me the most was her combination of compassion, awareness of the latest research literature, and technical skill during a variety of procedures. I was more comfortable during procedures she conducted than I was with any other gynecologist I’ve used. I feel fortunate to have access to the caliber of care at Stanford.
- Pamela

We worked with the Doctor at SFRMC for several years trying to get pregnant. Due to my personal situation, it seemed IVF was simply not going to work for us and our Doctor suggested we might be good candidates for ovum donation. After much deliberation, we decided to work with a donor. The first transfer cycle worked and now we have a wonderful little boy. We could not be happier! Thank you Doctor and all the staff at Stanford REI for making our dreams of being parents become a reality. -- Anonymous

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