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Why Stanford?

Why Stanford IVF
New Hope:
The staff at Stanford Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center cares about you. Our goal is the same as yours: the conception and delivery of a healthy child. Infertility treatments can be complicated, expensive, and stressful. However, these treatments do offer new hope for infertile couples and thousands of couples become parents each year.

Personalized Attention: We are a hospital-based program that gives personalized physician and nursing care to our patients from recognized experts in their field. All of us at the Stanford Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center are committed to working with you, providing you with the best possible fertility treatment. Working together with planning, foresight, and guidance, we believe that this treatment can be a positive experience for you.

Leaders in the Field: SFRMC leads the way in Reproductive Technology through new and innovative research utilizing cutting edge technology. Our impact on the Assisted Reproductive Technology field is shared through numerous award-winning publications. As one of the country’s leading teaching and research institutions, we are working toward new discoveries in all areas of women’s health. Stanford remains at the forefront of medical and technological innovation in infertility treatment.

Stature: Stanford is regularly recognized as being one of the top centers of its kind in the country. This elite standing is reflected in the comprehensiveness of our services.

Multidisciplinary coordination: We understand and value the need for a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of infertility. We coordinate diagnostic, consulting and treatment services with geneticists, urologists, and perinatalogists as well as for pre-implantation genetics. Our staff is culturally diverse and experienced.

Non-discriminatory philosophy: Our program practices non-discriminatory philosophy for patient selection and treatment, seeing patients who may be considered untreatable at other centers.

Emotional and support programs are unique and an integral part of our treatment with an on site therapist.

Innovative Options for Cancer Patients: We have pioneered oocyte cryopreservation and have the largest Fertility and Cancer program in the country.

International Medical Services for International patients: Stanford University Medical Center is internationally recognized for its tradition of medical innovation and leadership in many different specialties. Every year, patients from around the world travel to Stanford to benefit from the most advanced treatment options currently available. Our state-of-the-art care is matched by our commitment to service. We offer a caring, individualized approach, focused on meeting the special needs of our international patients – before, during, and after their visit to Stanford.

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