Pigmented Lesion and Cutaneous Melanoma Clinic (PLCMC)

The Pigmented Lesion & Cutaneous Melanoma Clinic (PLCMC) was developed to follow patients at increased risk of melanoma based on mole pattern and family history as well as those with a melanoma diagnosis.

Patients with Atypical Mole Syndrome are described as having over 50 to 100 moles with generally 5 or more showing clinical atypia (variation in color or irregular, asymmetric borders and/or size greater than 8mm diameter). Affected individuals are estimated to have a 5-50-fold increased risk of melanoma depending on family history of melanoma.

We employ several photographic imaging techniques to assist in early detection of severely atypical moles and cutaneous melanoma, including total body and regional photography (done at Stanford Visual Arts) and digital dermoscopy, for appropriate patients, to provide magnified views of nevi with computer storage and comparison capabilities.

The PLCMC meets on the Fourth Wednesday mornings of the month from 8:00am - 12:00pm in the Stanford Cancer Center. Referral is made through community and Stanford dermatologists.

For patient referral, please contact the pigmented lesion/melanoma nurse coordinator at (650) 725-5255.

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