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Youn Kim, MD

A World Leader in Cutaneous Lymphoma

The Stanford Multidisciplinary Cutaneous Lymphoma Clinic (CLC) is a leading center of excellence for managing patients with cutaneous lymphomas (lymphomas that arise in the skin); it also serves as a regional, national, and international referral center.

The majority of patients have mycosis fungoides, the most common type of cutaneous lymphoma. In the CLC we also evaluate and manage patients with other cutaneous lymphomas (B-cell lymphomas, CD30+ lymphomas, NK/T--cell lymphomas, panniculitis-like T-cell lymphomas, and other peripheral T-cell lymphomas). The clinic has been operating for over 30 years at Stanford with greater than 1000 patients seen.

Treatment Expertise

The cutaneous lymphoma team has achieved world-wide recognition for its success in managing patients with all of the cutaneous lymphomas.  Their experience includes the use of topical (nitrogen mustard) and systemic chemotherapy, biological therapies such as interferon and Targretin, light therapy such as PUVA and UVB, and radiation therapy including total skin electron beam therapy.

Clinic Information

The CLC is a multidisciplinary clinic that meets twice weekly and is co-attended by physicians from the departments of Dermatology, Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, and Dermatopathology. Clinicians have access to state-of-the art histochemical and molecular tools for diagnosis and patient management.

The clinic offers standard therapies and participation in investigative protocols, and provides patients with up-to-date information on cutaneous lymphomas and treatment alternatives.

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