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Autoimmune Skin Diseases

The Autoimmune Skin Diseases Clinic at Stanford provides multidisciplinary expertise in the care of patients with dermatomyositis, scleroderma, lupus and other autoimmune diseases affecting the skin and/or internal organs. Our physicians provide the very latest in medications and other treatments for these diseases. Additionally, patients have the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge clinical trials led by Stanford’s experts.

Clinical Trials: Stanford researchers investigate the underlying causes of autoimmune skin conditions to develop safer and more effective therapies. Patients benefit from the knowledge gained from these trials and often receive new medications.

Innovative Diagnostics: The development of novel clinical methods provides important information about patient prognosis and helps physicians select the most rational therapy. For example, our patients with systemic sclerosis or dermatomyositis receive blood and skin biopsy analysis to provide diagnostic and prognostic information.

Meet Our Team

The Autoimmune Skin Diseases Clinic is led by dermatologist David Fiorentino, MD, and rheumatologist Lorinda Chung, MD, who, along with their staff, provide a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.


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