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Joanna Badger, MD
Anne Chang, MD
Zakia Rahman, MD

Not all acne is created the same.  At Stanford University, our dermatologists have expertise in treatment and prevention of all forms of acne-  from “blackheads” to cystic acne.  We work with our patients to develop specialized treatment plans.   A full range of therapies is available to our patients.

Acne rosacea, sometimes termed "adult acne", is a common and frustrating condition for which many treatment options exist. Our clinic uses both topical and oral medications to address this condition. In addition, our department has procedural modalities such as laser therapy which can be employed to improve this condition.

Type of acne include:

Adult Acne


Comedonal Acne

Inflammatory Acne (often red bumps)

Cystic Acne  (deep acne)

Acne involving the chest and back

FAQ regarding acne (from the American Academy of Dermatology):


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