Stanford Coordinated Care

Service Offerings

Stanford Coordinated Care (SCC) will offer two services:

Primary Care Plus

Patients who choose this offering will be asked to temporarily use SCC for their primary care needs, although they will also be able to see their current primary care physician if they so choose. This model will bring behavioral and medical resources to bear that are rarely affordable within a primary care setting. Patients will have their co-pays waived for visits with SCC. They will have a care coordinator who will be able to perform home visits and attend SCC primary care and specialty visits with the patient (as their advocate). SCC will have RNs, licensed clinical social workers, and physical therapists on staff.

Benefits of the SCC for those who would be a good fit are as follows:

Chronic Care Support:

This option will offer personal face-to-face RN and LCSW care support to help patients navigate and coordinate their health care journey. While the nurses and LCSWs will have the physicians as consultants to the service, SCC will not be supplying their primary care, which would remain the current primary care physician’s (PCP) responsibility. We would like the current PCP to be available to SCC’s care support team via phone, fax, and secure email, and to keep the team informed of any change in treatment plans or other information (e.g. lab results, specialty consults).

Benefits of the SCC for those who would be a good fit for Chronic Care support are as follows:

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