Stanford Coordinated Care

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights

Your participation in Stanford Coordinated Care is voluntary. If, at any time, you decide that the service does not meet your needs or that SCC is not a good fit, you may opt out from receiving further services.

Your specific demographic and medical information will NOT be shared with anyone other than the Coordinated Care team and providers directly involved in the care of your health without written consent or unless compelled by law. Anonymous and combined information will be used for clinic evaluation and quality improvement purposes. Results from evaluations will be made into reports that will be shared within the clinical community and other necessary parties to help improve the effectiveness of health care services.

For those patients enrolled in Primary Care Plus, access to the Coordinated Care team will be available to you by phone, in-person communications, and e-mail via MyHealth. E-mail should be used for non-urgent questions and should not be used in emergencies or when you are in need of immediate response. All communications may be documented in Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Patient Responsibilities

As part of delivering you with the most complete level of care, you allow Stanford Coordinated Care to receive information about your health care from EHR and/or previous physician care, including past medical information for the care you have received.

If, at any time, either party feels that the other is not supportive of the above statements, we promise to resolve the issue with you. To no longer be a part of the SCC, please ask a member of the care team for an SCC Deactivation request form.

For those patients enrolled in Primary Care Plus, SCC physicians will be available after regular clinic hours. Please call us first before going directly to the emergency room unless you cannot safely wait a few minutes to speak to us. In major emergencies, call 911.

Patient Financial Responsibilities

Please ask a member of the SCC team to review the monthly fee schedule for Primary Care Plus services. Depending on your health plan, your enrollment cost per month may vary. Please refer to the Patient Financial Responsibility Agreement for more information.

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