Stanford Coordinated Care

Patient FAQs

What is Stanford Coordinated Care (SCC)?

Is the service confidential?

How can I enroll?

Why should I enroll?

Which service should I enroll in?

Primary Care Plus Benefits

  • $0 copay at SCC to see your provider and care team*
    *If you are a member of the Stanford University High Deductible PPO Plan, a contribution by your employer will be made for the initial months of participation. For Hospital employees in the PPO plan, if you have not met the deductible the Hospital will make a contribution towards the cost for the initial months of participation, subject to Union approval.
  • 24/7 direct access to a member of your care team
  • Same day and next day clinic appointments for urgent needs
  • A care coordinator with time to listen and help you plan and access your care
  • Access to Stanford’s Better Choices, Better Health chronic disease self-management workshop
  • Pharmacist review of your medications
  • Coordination of your complex care needs
  • In-office labs at no cost and blood draw service on-site for outside labs
  • Behavioral Health & Physical Therapy clinicians on-site

Chronic Care Benefits

  • $0 to see your care team*
    *Chronic Care Support services are paid for directly by your employer.
  • A care support team member with time to listen and help you plan and access your care
  • Develop a personalized care plan and attain personal health goals
  • Access information about medications, procedures, and diagnoses
  • Gain personal insight through individual visits and/or group seminars
  • Coordination of your complex care needs

How will the care be different than what I am receiving now?

Who will be taking care of me?

What are the hours of operation?

How will my enrollment in the SCC change my current health plan?

Can my family members take part in this service?

When do I need to make a decision about joining the SCC?

Where can I find more information?

Where is the clinic located?

Who is eligible to enroll?

What are some examples of chronic conditions that may qualify me?

How do I know if I have a chronic condition?

If I think I have a chronic condition, but have never been diagnosed by a doctor, how do I find out if the SCC is for me?

What’s the catch?

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