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Advanced Lung Disease Transplant Services

Patient Support

The group of specialists involved in the care of patients who are undergoing a transplant procedure is often referred to as the "transplant team." Each individual works together to provide the best chance for a successful transplant and ongoing post-transplant care and support. The lung transplant team consists of:

  • transplant surgeons - physicians who specialize in transplantation and who will be performing the surgery. The transplant surgeons coordinate all team members. They follow a patient before the transplant and continue to follow the patient after the transplant and after discharge from the hospital.
  • pulmonologists - physicians who specialize in the function and disease of the lungs. Pulmonologists will help manage a patient before and after the surgery.
  • transplant nurse coordinator - a nurse who organizes all aspects of care provided to a patient before and after the transplant. The nurse coordinator will provide patient education and coordinate the diagnostic testing and follow-up care.
  • social workers - professionals who will provide support to your family and help your family deal with many issues that may arise including lodging and transportation, finances, and legal issues.
  • financial coordinators- dedicated transplant financial coordinators will work work closely with yourself and your family supporting your insurance needs.
  • dietitians - professionals who will help a patient meet his/her nutritional needs before and after the transplant. They will work closely with you and your family.
  • physical therapists - professionals who will help a patient become strong and independent with movement and endurance after the transplantation.
  • pastoral care - chaplains who provide spiritual care and support.
  • nurse practitioner - an advanced practice nurse who, in collaboration with transplant pulmonologists, medically manages/treats transplant patients.
  • other team members - several other team members will evaluate a patient/child before transplantation and provide follow-up care, as needed. These include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • pharmacists
    • anesthesiologists
    • respiratory therapists
    • cardiologists
    • hematologists
    • urologists
    • nephrologists
    • infectious disease specialists
    • lab technicians
    • psychologists
  • support groups


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