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Understanding Your MELD Score

The Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) is a numerical scale that is currently used for liver allocation. Itís the most important determining factor of when youíll receive a transplant.

Your MELD score is calculated using a mathematical formula that is solely based on three of your lab values:

After you are placed on the liver transplant list, you will be required to have lab work done on a regular basis in order to receive an accurate MELD score and be transplanted.

Find out your MELD score using the MELD Calculator.

Lab Frequency for MELD Recertification
MELD score 25 or greater Renew labs every 7 days Lab values no older than 48 hours
MELD score 19-24 Renew labs every 30 days Lab values no older than 7 days
MELD score 11-18 Renew labs every 3 months Lab values no older than 14 days
MELD score 10 or less Renew labs every year Lab values no older than 30 days

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